Elevated liver enzymes-Has anyone had success w/antibiotics?

I rescued my OES 'Lady' just over a year ago. She is 8 1/2 to 9 years old now..they weren't sure exactly how old she was when we got her. She suffered from horrible breath and poor dental hygiene as her former owner didn't take good care of her. In the past year she has had 6 teeth pulled and has had her teeth cleaned. Before the teeth were cleaned they took a blood test and her liver enzymes were elevated. Normal is 118 and hers was over 300. The vet put her on Clavamox for two weeks. We then checked the blood and the levels went down. He said sometimes liver enzymes can be elevated due to infections in the mouth caused by poor dental hygiene gone untreated so we obviously thought that was what it was. 6 months later Lady had to have a few cysts removed so they also took a few teeth out since she was under and again, took blood before and the liver enzymes were elevated again. We put her on clavamox again and they went down. Just had her 1 year vet appt and they took the standard blood test. Enzymes were up again so we put her on 2 antibiotics - Amoxycillin & Metronidazole. 2 weeks later blood was checked and the liver enzymes actually went up, not down. I've read several posts on elevated liver enzymes but was just curious if anyone has had any luck with a particular antibiotic?(although I dont want to put Lady on continuous antibiotics) Any success with natural herbs or holistic remedies? Any results if an ultrasound was done? I dont' want to take the biopsy route as its too invasive & I've read they most likely are inconclusive and being that Lady is 9, Im not comfortable doing that. I don't know enough about PSS (shunts) to know if that is a possibility. She seems to be doing ok but maybe a little more lethargic than usual...she pretty much is a couch potato most of the time. If anyone has any thoughts I would really appreciate your help. THANK YOU!
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We had a flat coat with elevated liver enzyme levels and our vet recommended we supplemented with Milk Thistle.
We had a dog with liver disease that was caused by taking atopica, a skin treatment. We had her hospitalized for several days and gave her baytril and it worked quite well. A lot of it depends on how the dog responds to treatment though. Have you had a liver biopsy done?? there maybe more going on.
It sounds like more than an infection, did they give you her bilirubin numbers? I just lost my 8yo Daisy in May to an idiopathic liver disease and her numbers were extremely high, she was put on prednisone, which caused gastric ulcers. Daisy was very lethargic also and couldn't eat. Try feeding a low protein diet, there are several brands of canned food such as Royal Canin venison formula with only 5.5% protein. A lower protein diet keeps the liver from working so hard to digest the protein. I also gave Daisy plain yogurt and baby food, anything that would tempt her to eat. The milk thistle is helpful as well but check with your vet first for dosing info.

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