Need help with stairs

Pooh is able to climb the stairs...slowly, but he does it....coming down is another story. Lemme esplain. We live in a Cape Cod with a steep staircase. At night, we coax him up the stairs because his nightime crate is in the bedroom. in the morning, when he comes out of the crate, he gives a great big stretch, then a yawn and trots over to the stairs with me. I go down a few and try to coax him but smoetimes he won't come. No matter what, even with treats.

He's come down them a few times so far, and if it's 3-4 steps no problem. Problem is, I don't want him to get used to being carried down the stairs. He's already 22 pounds, I can't take it much more!! :lol:
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Hi! You might have problems with him on stairs becuase his baby joints are growing and are sore when he wakes up... I'm not an expert, but during my buying a puppy research I've read that you need to take it easy with large breed puppies and stairs, so that you don't increase their chances of getting hip dysplasia- same thing with extended exercise. I'm not 100% sure, and maybe someone can give you a for sure answer (seems like this could be an "egg" thing- 1st they say eggs are good for you, then bad, then good again, then bad, etc). It does make a lot of sense that he is growing a ton in a short period of time though- perhaps this is contributing to not wanting to go down stairs right away in the morning... Will he come down after he's been up for a while?
That's correct - you should take it slow with the stairs at first. The other thing is that if the stairs are wood (or not carpeted) - it may be very slippery and it's more difficult to maintain your footing on the way down.

He'll probably get used to it - he just needs to work up the nerve to try it! Be sure that he's able to see (no fur in his eyes) - that could also be contributing to his fear of the unknown ahead.

By the way, Presley is 5 years old and she still refuses to go UP or DOWN stairs! She's a fraidy cat! :wink: Sydney takes them a few at a time - going up or down! :lol: So - every dog is different!

Yep, Lola flies up and down stairs, but sometimes wipes out too. I have linoleum stairs (but only 3-4 she doesn't fall)

Also you might try just sitting about 3 stairs below him with a treat and coax him....he may feel more secure knowing he can't fall all the way down. Just a thought, I had to do this once or twice and then she had it down.

Good luck
I think it's a height thing....this morning I blocked them about 3 down and he came down, then 3 more then the final 2. They are carpeted---and I ended up reading this morning that stairs are really a no no until 4 months due to the joints growing etc as mentioned's just so funny, he one day decided that he would climb the stairs and he did! I just figured it'd be a good idea to make sure he could go both ways!

And growing fast he is. 22 pounds this morning.
jsmarcus wrote:
And growing fast he is. 22 pounds this morning.

Wow - he's going to be a big boy! How old is he now?

roofus was scared of the stairs for a long time... up he eventually got, down took a lot longer... he was probably a full 3 months before he wanted to go down, and even then he would often "miss" the last few steps! Now I live in a ranch, no more doggie races up the stairs!!!
He's almost 12 weeks! Yikes! 8O
Presley weighed 10 lbs at 12 weeks old! :o
Jack was a big boy, but 20lbs at 16 weeks old, not 12 weeks! Josh, I look forward to seeing this boy's size at full grown.
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