Protruding Anus

One of my little foster kittens a beautiful Russian Blue Manx has a protruding anus..poor little thing.

In feral communities, most often the mom cats will often watch each others kittens and sometimes kittens belonging to one group will end up with another. I imagine this happened with this little one, as when I went to pick these three kittens up from the SPCA shelter, she was only 6 wks old while her two siblings were much bigger (not Manx) and at least 8-9 wks old. Yet they were brought in together.

"Petunia" was very very thin, sick with URI (Upper respitory infection) but has rallied each time. I've had her now aprox 1 month. She's very "unkitten like" doesn't rough house as most kittens do and she appears to have a very large head on a tiny frame and I always see her observing me with her huge eyes as if pleading with me to help. She's extremely docile but could be that she doesn't feel well but by all appearances her fur is soft and silky, her appetite has increased and she is no longer stuffed up and sneezing.

When I pick her up she clings to me and purrs. Her two more able bodied siblings would hiss, snarl and attack me but that has changed as they are now accustomed to human hands and greet me with purrs as well. They still won't let me pick them up however, but that's my job as a foster mom is to socialize them to make them adoptable and that takes time. To fail is not an option as with my local SPCA feral cats and kittens that are not socialized are euthenized. I'll keep these guys as long as it takes to make sure that doesn't happen. Feral kittens can be turned around if socialized early enough and these guys have made huge strides!

Back to Petunia, it was with dismay that earlier this week I noticed that her little bottom wasn't red from other sources but that her anus protruded. After speaking with the co-ordinator she informed me that Manx kittens have many problems with their spine or bowel problems.

I read online that many die at birth, others suffer from Spina Bifida (where the spine doesn't fuse or are short vertebrae) while others have bowel problems they call it the Manx Syndrome. Petunia uses the litter box regularly but sometimes has (using Ginny's favorite word - dingleberries) stuck to her.

That was a death sentence for this little one according to the SPCA mandate as she is now considered unadoptable. Still I'm not without hope as as long as her spine is intact and it appears to be , surgery to fix the anus is a possibility. So it brings me to this question as it's something that occurs in the dog population as well.

Has someone had this surgery done on one of their pets? If so what are the cost, risk, aftercare?

Tonight another rescue whom I volunteer for said they know of an organization that would take on this little one and would get in touch with them so that's great news! I'll be taking her to the vet in a few days to get their opinion but in the meantime wondering if any of you have experienced this with your pets.

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I've got no experience with this Marianne, but am pleased that you were able to find a rescue group to help with her medical expenses. That's terrific. Please do let us know what you find out from the vet.
a beautiful Russian Blue Manx has a protruding anus..poor little thing.

I am not a vet but it might be called a rectal prolapse... has the kitty been seen by the vet? I don't know the cost of repairing it but you might be able to call around to see. Is Petunia on a low residue diet or something to soften the stool? Is she straining to potty?

Here's a couple of links that might explain it best- ... icleid=348

Here's a page of other searches that might also help... ... olapse+cat

she appears to have a very large head on a tiny frame and I always see her observing me with her huge eyes as if pleading with me to help.

Her large head may be a concern too... she's not in pain because of pressure? Again, I'm NOT a vet... I just remember a little Chihuahua a friend in rescue had earlier this year that was hydrocephalic- ... 09-3-x.jpg ... 09-1-x.jpg

I hope Petunia will feel better soon :(
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