Can anyone help-My dog still smells really bad after a bath!

I recently acquired an OES, and am very new to the breed. She is very precious.... my favorite dog ever! Skylar is 7 months old, and has never been groomed. She smells really bad, even after 2 baths. 8O Can anyone offer any advice? She is also very terrified of the clippers. I was going to shave her, but no such luck! I thought I had her clean this time, but when she dried, the smell is still there. Help? :?
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The smell may be coming from somewhere else, like an infected ear or some hidden skin problem. Has she been to the vet? What kind of stink is it? Is it kind of yeasty smelling or more, well, poo smelling?
That doesn't sound good to me, but I've never owned a puppy.

can you lift the ears and sniff and see if that's the source of the smell?

Is it coming from the paws?

Is it a strong fishy or poo smell from the back end?

Maybe a trip to the vet or groomer would help?

Anyway... WELCOME to the forum!
Ears are quite a smell 8O If that's the problem you will know if you just sniff around your pup's ears (you may not even have to "open them up."). A 7 mo old who has never been groomed probably hasn't had her ears cleaned either and they can get bad very quickly. There is a good thread about this on the board that I was reading. I use hemostats (I think that's what they are) for my girls but using your fingers will probably be best to begin or just take her to the vet and ask him/her to do it.

As for another "head" smell, check out your pup's mouth. The smell could be mildew -- one of my girls has the driest mouth ever (Ro's a dainty drinker) but 99% of sheepdogs I know are a bit...well...sloppy. If the puppy's mouth wasn't kept dry and groomed that could be a problem.

Also, after this amount of time without grooming your pup probably does smell a bit just in general. Other you don't have to bath too regularly, the grooming gets dead hair, dirt, etc. out of their coat and keeps them fresher. She'll really need groomed which you can do, though I would probably pay to get her done at a reputable place that has dealt with OES before (I've had one embarrassed sheepie come home from the groomers who had never clipped one :oops:). If you can find a good place they might be able to also give you pointers and keeping up with the job of grooming if you've never groomed an OES since it is quite a job. Someone on the board also has a link in their signature with some informative information about grooming that you may want to check out.

Good luck!
Take the pup to the vet......there could be several problems here, some minor some major. A stinky sheepie isn't common.........unless she is Maggie who rolls in anything that might perfume her :lol:
I can highly recommend evening primrose oil for spray for after bathing, to be used on the coat - the smell lasts for a good 5-6 weeks. Hope you found the source of the smell ??
SheepieBoss wrote:
A stinky sheepie isn't common.........unless she is Maggie who rolls in anything that might perfume her :lol:


Definitely have the vet check the ears and mouth. We had a rescue dog surrendered because the owner feared high vet bills after she'd bathed the dog three times and she still smelled awful.

A visit to the vet revealed a hair ball stuck in the roof of the dog's mouth, which caused an abscess. She evidently had gotten the hair wrapped around her teeth by biting at her own fur.

I've also heard of sticks getting caught in the roof of a dog's mouth and causing the same type problem.
I really cannot add much - all of the above posts are right on....the smell of a yeast ear infection is quite obvious.. should have her checked out by a vet...also if you are bathing, you must line brush them until dry...allowing them to air dry just doesn't do it. Good Luck and keep us advised.
I'm worried about ear smell. I can't find my orignal post about it. But the smell is coming from the hair under the ear. Would that be a sign of a ear infection. We cant go to the groomer until October due to his medical problem.

But I also see nothing abnormal on ear or hair. Supposed to be hair free on inside ear flap,correct?

So if anyone things its a infection direct me over to the thread all about that and I'll learn how to clean/remedy the problem. Thanks
MissDior wrote:
So if anyone things its a infection direct me over to the thread all about that and I'll learn how to clean/remedy the problem. Thanks

There are several threads on ear cleaning but if you suspect an infection, please see your vet to be sure.

This is probably something that needs medication to clear up and may only get worse if left untreated.
I absolutely agree - see your vet!!
There is a FANTASIC shampoo and conditioner that you can buy at any Petsmart by Fresh n' Clean. It's called Oatmeal and baking soda. I promise you that the fabulous smell of the shampoo will last for days after his bath. Each time my dogs go out into the morning dew on the grass it brings out the smell of the shampoo. I LOVE it!
The Fresh and Clean aerosol deodorizer for dogs is great too. It kills stink but it isn't overwhelmingly perfumy either.
I'm hoping she figured this out by now.
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