What to do when neighbor is a JERK

Our neighbor to the back has a retaining wall that borders the back of our property. The wall is about three to four ft tall and 120ft long. It was constructed with concrete cylinders about 35 to 40yrs ago by his father. Three years ago the wall started to lean and he decided to "rebuild" it. He got about three feet into the wall and left it for a year. The next year part of it collapsed. Randy took a picture and took it over to his house. They can't see this side of the wall because of tall hedges. He came and "fixed" that part of the wall. And left it for another year. In Sept. of last year I called the city to see if there was anything we could do about this eyesore in our backyard. They said to contact our Alderman(who lives one block over from us). We did and he came to look at the wall. We suggested that a law should be put into effect that retaining walls should be kept in reasonable condition. He said he would bring it up at the next meeting and in the meantime he would talk to him. I also had a little chat with his live-in girlfriend about us being patient. So to the present..I know that Randy has had several talks with our Alderman and that someone came and took pictures of the eyesore. I came home from work and saw he was working on it...big deal, he does it once or twice a year. I let the dogs out and Simon barks his head off at them. I water the flowers in the front and then go around the back to do the same. Not wanting to be impolite and not say anything, I mention that our landscaping is going to be changing(our big tree has to come down). OMG he starts yelling at me about how good it is because our yard is a mess and there is dogsh** and it stinks and maybe he should call the Alderman twice so we clean it up and maybe I should and then there would be four calls. I just stood there with my mouth open. This is the same man who came over two yrs ago and ripped Randy a new one because our dog jumped into his pool. Our dog was asleep and had been in the house for the last four hrs. It was not our dog and we had to "prove " it to him. After he was done yelling at me, I just said okaaaay and went and let the dogs in before he kicked them or something and went and talked to my other neighbor who was also out and had heard the whole thing. Randy is not home right and this guy now scares me. He glares at the house and I'm sure he's plotting something. You can see right into the picture window in the dining room which is in the middle of the house and I have to walk through it to go anywhere in the house. So while they are back there(I'm sure it won't be for long) I have to hide here where he can't see me.
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Yikes! Having to hide in your own home is horrible!

In terms of neighbors, my friend was just telling me that her neighbor excavated the huge hill in his back yard -- 50 feet high at the back -- even went past his property line and has not done anything about adding a retaining wall so the properties on 3 sides (left, right, and behind) are all in danger of serious collapse.

My friend complained to the city but when the inspector came out, he said that she was subject to about $6k in fines for putting up new fences without a permit (to replace fence sections that were flattened in a storm). The city asked the neighbor to add some retaining walls but so far, nothing has been done.
Neighbors can be very tricky things. Try to hang in there, I think you handled your side correctly, he sounds very scary.

Here is an embarrassing story that just happened to me. A year ago we had a huge storm that knocked out the power for days. A tree fell in a neighbors yard across the storm creek behind us taking out our utility pole. The repair took days and it was many months getting the three utility companies to agree whose job it was to remove the old utility pole. Now the problem: The tree that fell took out a lot of other small trees and brush when it happened and so the stuff died and looks like crap back there. I have been told this by several people that have been to our house and they say "What happened back there? It looks like sh*t?" Well I couldn't decide whether to take it directly to my neighbor or to the alderman who lives two doors away from them. Knowing that either way they aren't going to be appreciative of me bringing to their attention even though I do know they can't see it from their house. So last week I am at a neighborhood party and the alderman's wife comes up to talk to me. I mention it since it fits in perfectly with the conversation we are having. After I state that is an eyesore and the people haven't cleaned it up although they may not realize what it looks like she replies, "Oh you mean my sister's house? She lives two doors away from me." :oops: :oops:

So now I feel like I need to say something to the neighbor but the summer growth has covered up a lot of the eyesore but come October through March we will have to look at it again. So I guess I will say something I just don't know when.
Oh neighbors!
I have a situation too - my neighbor (who I adore) wants
to put up a garage, which will limit my access to my yard
and come right up to the property line. He is asking for a
variance because of the property line. I really hate to say
no because I am quite fond of him, but I still don't like the
idea at all. I am moving in the near future though, so I
guess it's a no brainer. I just hope it doesn't turn off any
people from buying my house!

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. Fourteen years ago we moved from a nice neighborhood to the country, more room for our kids both fur and 2 legged. The neighborhood we lived in before was quite friendly we had retiree's living on either side of us and got along well with almost everyone. There always has to be one in the bunch.

Thinking we had made a good move boy were we wrong!!! We had four children at the time and from day one had nothing but grief from neighbors. One neighbor below us would complain that our kids made too much noise. We all live on 2 + acre lots how can this be?? Now mind you he was constantly outside rearranging his yard. Using heavy equipment.... uprooting trees....... making hills here......leveling dirt there etc. Thats only the beginning. One day my kids went for a walk and came back with these flowers for mom. They looked like wild flowers to me. Until 5 or 10 minutes later I get a call from neighbor below. Your kids were in the neighbors yard picking his flowers and he called me all upset. I though hmmmm not like my kids at all but said OK I will talk to them. I asked them where they got the flowers and they said along the road. I called mr neighbor back and told him I had a talk with the children and need to know the name of the neighbor so I could send them over to apologize. His reply was........ "oh sorry wrong neighbor" SO I said what do you mean?? He said nevermind. What the??? This man was constantly creating havoc in our lives until about 5 years ago his wife died and he became very ill. His sister who lives in NY called and asked if someone could help him pack all his belongs etc and help her move him to her house. Guess who helped him??? was it the neighbors that were always at his house??? NO It was me and my kids. HMMM Why because I felt sorry for him. He was just a bitter old man left all alone. :roll: good grief.
Stuff like this makes me SO glad that I have no close neighbors!!
There is no one to the south - the slough/lake is there. To the north the nearest one is a mile away - across fields and a 4 lane hwy. To the east they are about half a mile - with our fields and a farmer's field between us.

To the west we have our closest nieghbors - they are about a quarter mile, but on the opposite side of the road. They never complain about the dogs barking - because they race and when they are testing the cars they get quite noisy. And their grown sons have 4 wheelers too. When they get noisy, I tell Todd he should rev up the Harley and run it by their house in the early AM!! Never had to do it though. 8O After a reminder to the mom a few yrs ago telling them we work nights and it can be hard to sleep with the 4 wheelers going by, that stopped real quick!
THe thing that kills me is our neighbors were so much better and friendlier when we lived on top of each other and in town.
We have new neighbors and I am so thankful that we have 6ft blockwalls!!! They have 8 cars which they park on the street. One was blocking my mailbox on Saturday of last week and blocking their mailbox too since they moved it to right next to ours.
They lit of fireworks on July 4th which I have no problems with and it's legal, but they waited until 11pm to do it and left all the garbage in the street, which eventually ended up in our yard. :evil:
They have loud, loud parties at night...... have this one little dog that if left outside screams like it's being beaten. I believe they have another dog too that just barks all the time.... unless it's the same dog.
Then they have these kids that have absolutely no respect for anyone.
They throw the rocks that their front yard is landscaped with into the street and into our front yard. Billy even hit one with the mower. :evil:
I really miss the old lady that lived there. The neighborhood was so much quieter and cleaner.

We also have new neighbors behind our house. Last night they had a party and someone was looking over our wall. HOW RUDE!! I wish we still had the Oleander Bushes there. But DH said they had to go.

In NY I had the worst neighbors, we really, really dispised them.
But they new if anything happened to any of our stuff that we knew it would be them and we would have reported them. My ex-husband almost got into a fight with the son. The biggest problem we had was the fact that they would park in our spot and not leave us anyplace to park. We left polite notes asking them to move their car and they just freaked out so from them on it was all out war.

I HATE NEIGHBORS!! Luckily we have a great neighbor on the other side of the house.
The swimming pool story happened to me too! Years ago we had an Irish Setter "Mona". A horrible neighbor would bang on our door almost nightly & demand to see Mona. Mona was always home, not allowed to wander, & couldn't climb ladders. The Wacko swore that Mona was in her above ground (with a ladder) pool even though Mona wasn't wet (not even damp).
Eventually the nut stopped. I still wonder what or who was really swimming in her pool. Perhaps "Ghost Dog" 8O
The neighborhood werewolf??? :D:D:D :twisted:
Good one! :lol: :lol: :lol:
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