Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint?

I know this is not OES related but since there are a large number of east coasters - thought i'd ask..

The exterior of my house needs to be repainted and I dont know which paint brand is top quality here. In the West Coast -I used Dunn and Edwards but they dont sell them here. I'd like to hear your input if you've tried either Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore paint. I'm leaning towards to Ben Moore because of their "Pottery Barn" colors but I know I can match any color anywhere.

So which is better quality on wood? benjamin moore or sherwin?

Many Thanks!
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Hi, it's me Deana, your neighbor.( Brockport NY) I would trust a good paint dealer to give you advise. Our winters are hard on the paint. I have alum. siding so I don't have to worry. Our last house the landloard used cheap paint on, it peeled in less than one yr. When we bought this house I was happy to see the siding.
here in AZ we use DunnEdwards too...I think Ben Moore is better than Sher Will......Id go to the paint store and ask real painters which they prefer......
Hi:) Yeah, that's what I thought- When I first bought this house I assumed that the paint has been on the house for over 15 years because it was peeling and cracking but my neighbor told me that the previous owner had painted the house two years ago! I couldnt believe it.

Ive been asking around for estimates - some prefer to use Benjamin Moore paint and others prefer Sherwin Williams but dont know which is better quality.

btw we should have a puppy date! :)
Hi, I just painted my house...the best paint in the world is Val-spar . You can get it at Lowes I swear by it
I've had better luck with Sherwin-Williams here. We get lots of sun, heat, drastic temperature changes in a 24 hour period, wind, some cool winter weather (20-30s for the lows) and this year, lots of rain.

We painted the ugly peach ( 8O ) exterior when we moved in 17 years ago. And we repainted 3 years ago, though it was more because we were replacing the the gutters and easier to paint it a bit early than deal with painting around the gutters in a couple of years. We are using lighter colors, so I can't speak to how much a darker color fades.

Best bet, ask the neighbors.
Paint success is really very closely tied to prep. Without proper prep you are sunk. Then people tend to try to stretch the paint instead of applying the correct amount per given surface area.

A shameless plug, but [url][/url]has a book you can purchase that is ALLLL you ever what to know about painting,LOL

Our painter uses Dunn & Edwards but also Sherwin Williams......but I just checked the shed, and apparently she also uses Ben Moore......LOL!
Thanks so much!
SheepieBoss wrote:
A shameless plug, but has a book you can purchase that is ALLLL you ever what to know about painting,LOL
Why is this a plug? Are you associated with the site? Details! Details!
No, I'm not associated and I rarely even listen anymore since church summer hours overlaps his show.

Maybe shameless was the wrong term......there are probaly many other books out on the market ....

When Glenn was in town a time or two ago we discussed a strange problem with this house, and he came up with a solution.....I've yet to follow up on his advice. Something like tearing out drywall scares me.
Since nobody seems to be using the repair forum anymore-
(which I think is a real shame) I'll jump in here too.

I agree with going the extra mile with the prep work. In
fact I would say go 110% with the prep, you will never be
sorry you spent the time on it. Prime - whatever else you
do. I find that a really good prime coat will extend the wear
of the top coat, even if the top coat is not extra premium
paint. Get the best primer you can find. Scrape and feather
any old paint. You will likely have to redo it in a few years
if it is over wood, regardless.

I am smack in the middle of a complete paint of our house -
both inside and out. We bought a work crew sprayer a few weeks
ago, and I gotta tell you, I love it. If you have any large
areas to cover - I highly recommend it.

I have been using Valspar as well, from Lowes, and I am really
pleased with it. My next choice would be Benjamin Moore. (We
are planning to move, so I wasn't looking for the best grade
paint - but I have been pleasantly surprised with Valspar. )

Between your two - I pick Benjamin Moore.

Shellie wrote:
Since nobody seems to be using the repair forum anymore-
(which I think is a real shame)
Well, TheGuru bailed. :(
I should hold open auditions for a new (gnu?) guru ;)
Oh Ron - pick me! (No, just kidding. I don't have the
knowledge to do it. :wink: ) I really miss it

I haven't needed to use the repair place forum in a while. I hope it can be revived!
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