Looking for round nosed grooming scissors...

Why is it that I can't find a pair of good grroming scissors without lethally pointed ends? It seems such an obvious requirement...
Of course, care and attention reduce the likelyhood of accidental injury caused by the dog "jerking" at any point, but it just seems that, given the choice, blunt nosed scissors would have all the advantages.
Or am I missing something?

I've been trying to locate a supplier of round nosed grooming scissors, around 7" or so.. with now success.

Anyone have any ideas?

I'm in Kerry, Southern Ireland, but I'll buy from anywhere if I can find what I want..


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Good question!
There are several snub-nosed grooming scissors at Cherrybrook.

http://www.cherrybrook.com/index.cfm/a/ ... /catid/207
Would bandage scissors work for you? I use the 4 1/2" pair, but it also comes in a 5 !/2" pair. The bottom blade is a bit longer, with a blunted end. The upper blade is just long enough to reach where the blunted end starts. The link below should go to a picture of the scissors.


Be sure to get the stainless steel ones - they still run well under 10 dollars at any uniform store.
They are wonderful to use to cut into mats as the blunt end will prevent you from scratching the skin as you work from the skin outward.
I bought my rounded end grooming scissors on ebay. I had to hunt a bit - they definitely aren't the most common. We use ours for trimming around and between the pads.
I recently got a pair from Groomstar.com. They also are available from Petedge.com.

Here in the States, there is usually a shears vendor at every dog show. It's nice to "try before you buy". There were some really nice ball-tipped shears on clearance at an Ohio show last weekend. Guess I should have bought them up and sold them on eBay. :wink:
Do you mean scissors like these? They may have more... I just did a quick search.
http://www.petedge.com/Millers-Forge-Ec ... -MF166.pro
http://www.petedge.com/Millers-Forge-Ec ... -MF166.pro
http://www.petedge.com/Dubl-Duck-Ultra- ... D60000.pro
http://www.petedge.com/Dubl-Duck--11-An ... 001190.pro

Here's a link to information for international orders-
http://www.petedge.com/custserv/custser ... onalOrders
I use bandage scissors too. They work great.
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