How much gravol can a dog have???

Hi guys.... both of my dogs are barfing like crazy. They've been drinking gross water that has been leaking out of the freezer as it defrosts. I can't seem to find the appropriate dose per pound for gravol to give them, and can't get a hold of a vet. I'm still trying to get a hold of a vet, but if any of you knows the dose please reply!!! Dancer weighs 50-55lbs, and I have no idea about Sky, I think she is 25-30 lbs.
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Oh I am sorry willow! I have no reply, but wanted to say that i feel both for you and your dogs. Can you research the doses on line? I am gonna do it now and see what I can find.
Ok, this is what i found so far, hopefully someone will reply with something more ... educated on the issue.
Puppies with diarrhea - ½ kaopectate and ½ Pepto-Bismol works well

Gravol (dimenhydrinate) 25-50 mg every 8 hours for vomiting or motion sickness. You can also use Bonamine (meclizine) 25 mg once every 25 hours per dog.
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) - give 5-10 ml (or cc) - (measure with a syringe) every 15 minutes to induce vomiting when the animal has eaten something toxic, such as chocolate or other items - usually 3 doses or less is sufficient. This must be done within 2 hours of ingestion. Do not induce vomiting if acids, alkalis, or petroleum-based products have been ingested, or if the pet is unconscious or semiconscious.
NaCl (table salt) can also be used to induce vomiting, but hydrogen peroxide is better.
White vinegar to make "swimmer’s solution": one part vinegar to 2 parts or 3 parts water - to use on dogs with water in their ears. This mixture is also a good routine preventive.
Lard or cooking oil - massage in to remove tar from the hair coat or feet.
Mineral oil - 8 - 10 drops per ear will drown ear mites - treat for 1 week, stop for 1 week, repeat treatment for 1 week.
"Gravol (dimenhydrinate) 25-50 mg every 8 hours for vomiting or motion sickness. You can also use Bonamine (meclizine) 25 mg once every 25 hours per dog. "

Thank you, that is the kind of info I was looking for but couldn't find. I still can't find the dose per pound though. I have dimenhydrinate, 25 mg tablets. But surely the dose can't be the same for a full grown dog as for a puppy? I don't even know if I can give it to a puppy? Is she old enough at 11 weeks?
Also, I have not refilled their food bowl since they have been vomiting, I think plain macaroni, plain rice, boiled beef is best after 12 hours or so of fasting?
Well, I got a hold of the vet. He said no gravol, no food, just water until morning and then small amounts of food frequently through the day. He said it's a kind of food poisoning but he said they should be fine as long as they keep drinking lots of water, even if they barf most of it back up. I was supposed to take Sky in for shots, but he said to put that off a few days, so she gets her second set of shots on Wednesday. *sigh* Now to go sanitize that freezer... grrrrr..... must have been something yucky in it.
Wow, Stacey, it sounds like you are of those day...... :? And the puppers too. It is alway's nice to not be feeling up to par and both dogs decide to get sick. LOL Jack and Annabelle have done this many o' times. I hope that you are feeling better and the soreness has worn off and that the pups get to feeling better soon. Stormi and co.
I think I have things under control. They've both had more water and kept it down for a while, a good sign. I've chisled out that stupid freezer and cleaned it with lysol, as well as used hand sanitizer on everything I touched to clean it and my hands several times. I can't risk getting any infections or bacteria after just having surgery. What a big job that was, and I feel so guilty because if I had only done it before this wouldn't have happened. There was a chunk of solid ice wrapped around an old chicken cutlet in the bottom of the freezer....ewwwww.... the block of ice was about 8 inches wide and a foot tall, so I hadn't seen it. When we moved, because it was so hot and the fridge was unplugged for so long, it began melting, and has been leaking on the floor in front of the fridge ever since. I couldn't figure out what it was, and just kept putting towels under it thinking it would stop, maybe we dislodged something during the move etc... didn't have time to worry about it. It was leaking a lot yesterday and we saw the dogs drink from it a couple times and shooed them away from it but didn't think much of it. One of my cats was vomiting yesterday too, but being a cat, we didn't think much of it. Now I'm guessing that's what was wrong with her too. So, now it's all cleaned up, and the dogs are resting in their crates for now, having drinks of water every 30 mins or so. They really would prefer a big marrowbone, but they'll have to wait. LOL
I was feeling quite a bit better today, but after all that I'm quite sore again, and one of the incisions is bleeding so I think I pulled a stitch. We're all going to a corn roast tonight at my cousins, 70 people, and they have all said I am to sit in a comfy lounge chair by the bonfire and not move. We're not staying long though, I want to keep a close eye on the furbabies.
Stacey, you should really take it easy. Its only ben a few days after surgery! Is it a place where you can wear a support belt or something like that to keep it together and keep it from moving around? That helps a lot. Hope the babies will get better very soon!
I can't wear anything that touches my that is agonizing... my whole tummy is black and blue and there are two incisions, so anywhere there are stitches nothing can touch. It hurts like crazy if anything even grazes it....
I am going to try to take it but that is sooo much easier said than done. LOL
I still have to finish installing my new moen kitchen but I am waiting for my Dad to call me back and let me know if he has a 1 1/2"drill bit for me to borrow. LOL Then I'm all done, really! LOL
I wish I would have seen your post when it first came up. How are you feeling? Are you taking care of YOU? It's important that you do. (I know it's hard to take care of ourselves at times, but now is the time for you to take it easy, put your feet up, read a good book or just nap with a couple of sheepies! ;)
How are the babies?
Just a suggestion the next time you need to sanitize your fridge, freezer -- whatever. Regular chlorine bleach is the best germ killer and is also the cheapest. It can be hard on your hands, so like any household cleaner, make sure you dilute it. Don't go cleaning anything now. Take care of you!
I have a yorkie cross, she is about 5 lbs. She has terrible anxiety when there are thunder storms...and I have given her 25mg of gravol to calm her down, and it helps her sleep....she literally goes haywire when there is a storm and it helps immensely to calm her.....I know it doesn't hurt her, she sleeps thru the night and the morning she is fine....
1mg per pound and reside every 8 hours.
** 1 mg per pound. Redose every 8 hours.
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