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Please post in this thread if your dog has been treated with ProHeart®6.
Tell us about your experiences, good or bad or indifferent.
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My 18 month old OES went into shock about 10 minutes after receiving her DHLPP, Corona, Rabies and ProHeart on June 22, 2004. They took blood for a heartworm test prior to the inoculations which came back negative. I chose to have them done at a weekly shot clinic held at a nationwide chain because the cost was about half of what my regular vet charges for the same shots. I had recently had a full check-up with my regular vet during a visit for an ear infection and she had checked out fine. I felt it was safe to go to the clinic and at the same time prudent to pay half the price. Luckily, the receptionist was slow at check out as I was still in the building when she went down. Otherwise, she could have died in my car on the ride home.

The first indication that something was terribly wrong was when I heard someone snicker in the waiting room. I looked down at my feet and discovered I was standing in a huge puddle of urine and my pup was sitting in it. Convincing her to move seemed difficult. I thought I was imagining this. Embarrassed, I quickly began cleaning up the puddle with the roll of paper towels the receptionist provided. As I finished up I noticed a single fresh poop on the floor next to my pup who was then laid out cold. No one in the packed waiting room said anything to me. My pup lay on her side, tongue hanging out, next to her feces while I cleaned up the urine puddle. My only hope is that she went down moments before I noticed and those watching were too engrossed with my inept cleaning abilities. I stand by my belief in the supremacy of dog over human and I will never understand human beings. As soon as I noticed the poop I knew their was a serious problem and I began screaming "My dog is in shock. My dog is in shock. Get someone out here now!!!" Finally, in what seemed like an eternity, three vet techs ran out, scooped her up, and ran back to their surgery. There, they shaved nearly half of her front leg for the saline I.V., gave her steroids and a Benydryl type product and then installed a catheter. I intensely watched the faces of the techs and vet through the window in the surgery door as I could not see my pup. Thank God they knew what to do and when to do it. I am grateful for their skills in this area. She slowly came out of the shock. I was numb at this point. Once my baby was safe at home, in my bed, I cried over the near loss of my sweet, innocent Sheepie. She received the shots at 2:30 p.m. and we walked out of the clinic at 7 p.m.

I cannot begin to express how guilty I have felt for not first investigating results other dogs had to ProHeart. The vet and her intern both professed it's safety as I questioned them before the injections were given. They began the inoculations by giving her an oral wormer, part of the ProHeart package. I had not been told about that part. As they poured it down her throat, I argued that there was no diagnostic reason for it. They said it could not hurt her. She immediately threw it up. My pup had had a fecal exam a short time ago and it was negative. I felt stupid for going along with it. I have subsequently learned that my usual vet does not believe in the safety of ProHeart or use it. The FDA's ruling appears to validate my vet's understanding of the situation. The day cost me nearly four times what it would have cost at my vet's office. The future cost to my babies health and psyche are still unknown. The following day I took her to my usual vet for a full exam to determine any damage not visually detectable. None was found at that time. My vet told me problems, though rare can show up a long time after the fact. I force myself to be optimistic about the future.

I am happy to hear of the FDA's action against ProHeart. This product was obviously not tested thoroughly enough since so many problems have been reported. The clinic vet concluded my pup probably had an allergic reaction to the Lepto. My regular vet and I thought otherwise but did not report the incident. I did not even think of it. I am angry at Fort Dodge for covertly taking advantage of my pup. I am angry at the clinic vet for not explaining all the risks associated with ProHeart. I am angry at myself for simple stupidity. I have learned to: no longer take the word of any vet as gospel, not cut corners where the health of my baby is concerned and to investigate everything that goes into, on, or around my puppy.
my adopted oes, sammy recevied the shot a month before we got him (July)
he is now dealling with massive hotspots. we were told it was because of the adoption and fleas but i think it could have be the shot.
the huge spots are starting to grow back in.
I have been reading all that I can on the ProHeart6 shot. My boxer had the shot exactly 4 weeks ago. She is 6 years old, overweight to begin with, but since the injection she has been very lethargic, thirsty, and weak. I took her into the vet this morning, the soonest I could after hearing about the recall. My vet said that he feels her reaction is not to the shot, but that she is overweight and may have diabetes?? I feel this is NOT a coincidence, but he feels it is. He wanted to put her through 250.00 worth of blood tests for diabetes and thyroid problems. I refused. I still feel in my heart that her problem stems from the injection. Now that I have read the stories I fear for her life. What are people to do, when the vet doesnt believe this is the problem??
Just wait.
Nature will heal most problems if you give it a chance. Dog's are very resilient.
My dog also went into shock after giving her some sort of heart worm preventative, but it was not ProHeart 6. It was that topical one. It took her almost 9 months to recover. I took her off the steroids and stuff the vet put her on (5 months afterwards), and she started to recover much faster.
Vets and Doctors do not know everything.
And neither do we. We just do our best and live with the consequences.
No need to feel guilty.
My happy and healthy nine year old sheltie was given ProHeart 6 during a routine health exam. A few months later he became lethargic, had loss of appetite, had diarrhea and loss of bladder control. He progressively got worse and his vision and hearing seemed to go. He died in the car on the way to the animal hospital. The other dogs in the house are well and did not receive this injection.

Within two months after my puppy received proheart6 injection he became lethargic, diarrhea, loss of appetite, tremors and not drinking. He also got mange. After him being put on antibiotics, and being told to give him hamburger or chicken and rice and cottage cheese. Anyhow, he nearly died and was at the vet many times for the next few months. Finally, he made a turn around. But, since his appetite has always been poor even when it comes to those table scraps sometimes he's still finicky. Anyhow, the past week I took him to the vet they put him on antibiotics again. Tomorrow I am taking him to a new vet with all my paperwork intact. Any suggestions on what I should do. Which test I should make sure they do. My opinion my dog has not been the same since he got the proheart6 injection.
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