fedding a new puppy

we have always had small dogs...now we have this wonderful OES puppy and I hope I can be a good owner...........I have been reading about feeding this puppy....Chief.....and I can not find large breed puppy chow
I have found pro plan large breed puppy......is this OK......I sure don't want to mess up this puppy...he is wonderful :D
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Iams has one. Smart Puppy, large breed, the one in the yellow bag. I'm sure others have more suggestions too
Many of the brands have a large breed puppy formula. Check with your breeder, vet and other people with large breeds for brands available in your area that they like.

I have used Canidae (one food for all life stages), and Nutro Max Large breed puppy. Both were good.

Where in Wi are you?
I fed ProPlan Large Breed Puppy with good results. I have also fed Nutro Ultra Puppy as well. Canidae is a good food because it all life stages and you wouldn't have to worry about switching to another brand later. Also, it's very reasonable price and it's a high quality food.
I've heard that it's not necessary to feed OES puppies Large Breed puppy chow...that regular puppy chow will be fine and that large breed can encourage growing too big too fast and be bad for joints...am I making that up?
No, I had to take Max off of puppy food at 4 months because his bones were growing way too fast, and he was in alot of pain. Its called something but I can never remember it....
barney1 wrote:
I've heard that it's not necessary to feed OES puppies Large Breed puppy chow...that regular puppy chow will be fine and that large breed can encourage growing too big too fast and be bad for joints...am I making that up?

It depends on the ingredients. Some have excess levels of protein and other nutrients and can have the effect you mentioned. It's kind of a compare and contrast thing divided by your individual dog's size and makeup. Sometimes I think it's all a crap shoot.
The large breed puppy food is made to make them grow slower, not faster. The regular puppy food is what makes them grow too fast.

Large breed puppy food was developed to let the bigger breed puppies grow at a safer rate and not cause musculoskeletal problems. I see it as a middle ground between puppy and regular adult food.

There is a variety of protein and fat levels within the large breed puppy group brands, so read labels and compare.

I spend alot of time label reading at the store. With a notepad in hand! I am comparing ingredients, guaranteed analysis, price , etc. - too much to keep straight in my head.
When you compare things like protein levels... how do you know what the ideal level is?
Welcome to the forum, chip!
As far as the protein levels; I look at what I am feeding now - Do I like how they are doing on it? More important - I read the ingredient list and see what the protein sources actually are. Closely linked is the fat content.

For example - for our labs we feed a regular ration most of the year. The fall and winter are the higher energy needs times for them (more hunting, cooler weather). I boost the fat level of the food, so they have more calories per cup of food.

All dogs tolerate the protein and fat sources differently. Some get bad gas and diarrhea from higher levels, or even some of the ingredients. It really becomes trial and error at some point!
Thanks for all your help....this forum is the greatest...I am a person that has to know all ....and I am learning.......have to learn how to get a picture on here.....
Here ya go, Chip.
Scroll down to look at all the topics in red.
We spoke to our vet about feeding our 11-week old puppy Tessie, and she explained that we don't want her to grow too fast, so less protein. not as much calcium. She suggested giving her vegetables along with her kibble, so now I've been steaming carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and mushing it up with her good quality puppy kibble, and a tiny bit of canned puppy food for flavor. She loves it!
Tessie is beautiful :lol:
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