Cats going in dog's crate

We have two cats as well as Miley. The cats have alway lived with a dog as we got them as kittens and they lived with our flat coat retriver, Max. They got along really well with Max. However they really don't like Miley. I thought they'd work it out but its almost a year and we are still having problems.

We give the cats access to the whole house but limit Miley's access. The cats can access the basement but not Miley as the cats have a cat door. So if they get too much of Miley they can go to there own space. They have food, litter boxes, and cat trees there.

The cats have start to urinate in Miley's crate. I can't figure it out because we crated Max in the same spot and had no issue. I have added more litter boxes and have been keeping up with the cleaning the litter boxes. I really don't think it a litter box problem - I think the cats (and 1 in particular) does not like Miley and is mad.

This may sound strange but I think 1 cat (Casey) is in mourning for Max. Casey and Max got along extremely well. Max mothered Casey and would bath him, let Casey curl up and sleep in Max's tail. Casey is lost without Max and just runs from Miley.

Anyone have any ideas. I am tried of cleanning and washing Miley's crate and bedding.
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Well that sure stinks! Rude kitty! Poor Miley - and poor you!

Has the cat been to the Vet recently? While the issue might be psychological, a cat peeing in the wrong place is often a sign of a urinary tract infection or other similar problem.

Otherwise, are you doing anything in particular to help foster the relationship between Miley and the cats? Does he know that the kitties outrank him? I used to give Maggie and Chumley treats when they would see my kitties (like when they would come in the room or drift on through). I also fed the cats first and sometimes used Maggie's own bowl. That seemed to make a big impression on her.

And on the kitty side of things, are there any special things you could do for the cat while he is around Miley -- like brushing or special yummy treats?

I know that all sounds goofy, but gentle encouragement on both sides helped Maggie and Chumley get along with my cats. . .
Are the kitties old? They may need a visit to the vet. Our Siamese, Khobi, loves to lay down in Keira's crate (and she doesn't seem to mind), but he doesn't do his "business" there. I think Keira would bite his head off!!!

Is it a territory thing? Has anything else changed in your home?

Good luck!
Cats are territorial by nature, if they feel a dog is invading their territory they'll want to make the dog's things and space smell like them.

Cats are hard to retrain, but sometimes it can be done.
I would enclose the cats in a smaller area like a bathroom with the litterbox on one side, food water and bedding on another. If you do this for a couple of weeks it may reinforce the cats cleaner habits and hopefully they'll forget about going in the crates.

If the crate is plastic you may want to consider replacing it completely as it is next to impossible to get the smell out. You may not smell it, but the cats still can.
I would also throw away the bedding. Because no matter how much you wash it the cats will still smell where they have urinated.
Maybe that will help. :?
Thanks for the help. I think its a territory issue as the cats have not gone anywhere else in the house. I would think if its a urinary tract problem they would have gone in more than 1 inappropriate spot. Miley's crate is the only other place they go besides the litter box.

I guess Miley is getting a new bed. But should I replace the bottom liner - its metal and I cleaned with Natures Miracle?


Becky & Miley
I'd take a solution of hot water, soap and a splash of bleach to clean the bottom tray of his kennel... then dry it thoroughly.

You might try to find something that cats find offensive to keep them out of Miley's kennel. Something that cats find unpleasant but is not harmful to dogs. Unfortunately, I don't know what that might be.

Having had a rescue kitty who's "elevator never did quite reach the top floor", I can say that cats can be very difficult to retrain. Mine would pee on anything soft left on the floor in the basement even though she had 3 litterboxes... and she'd poop about a foot away from them. :roll:
Some cats don't like the smell of oranges and so if you use an orange scented cleaner it might keep the cats out!!
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