I'm so proud of my daughter!

Mama has to brag about my Sarah!

All through my daughter's K-12 education, school was not her favorite. She struggled early on and the feelings that went with those struggles followed her through high school. Through it all, she still insisted she wanted to be a teacher one day. I always just hoped that first, she could get into college, and second, that college didn't prove so challenging to her that she couldn't get through it.

My first fear proved unfounded. She was accepted to a great state university. Somehow, somewhere she found her motivation to quell my second fear. She just finished her junior year and has done very well, considering what she went through in K-12. She's had A's and B's all the way through. But today's news was the best!! She got her grades for second semester, and she got FIVE A's!! A perfect 4.0!!

OMG, we are flying!! Dale was traveling home today and when I called to tell him the news, he started crying! Our little girl is a little girl no more. She's taking control of her life, her way. We are SO proud of our Sarah!!
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Aweeeeeeeeeee... that is soooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

No wonder you're so proud!

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
That's fantastic! :)

Bravo Sarah!

Bentley sends her a good lean and an adoring face. :roll:
Aww that's wonderful!
I am so happy for all of you. :) :)
That is wonderful news :D Yay Sarah!
YAY SARAH :cheer: Hugs for you and special big hugs to Proud Mom, who I think is beaming with an awesome huge smile on her face :wink:

Well done sarah. :D
That truly is awesome, as in I am awed. Congrats to Sarah and to her parents who always had faith in her.
Thanks everyone for your kind words and best wishes. :ghug: I STILL cant' stop smiling when I think about it! I couldn't stop hugging her last night, and I do believe it's the first night ever that the smile never left HER face! What a morale booster this is for her, proving to her that she truly can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to. :yay:
Congratulations! What does she want to teach?
She's majoring in Secondary Education, Spanish. This past semester's courses were very intensive in Spanish culture. She spent hours and hours in the library, complaining all the way, but look what it allowed her to accomplish!

She was also inducted into the Spanish Honor Society fraternity, and she was elected to serve as vice-president in the society next year. This is quite an accomplishment for a junior, because the qualifications to be invited to the society are stiff - you have to have so many third level classes in Spanish and Spanish culture, and you have to have passed those courses at a certain level. Most of the kids that were inducted with her were seniors, so we were very proud of her for that as well.
WOOHOOOO!!! Way to go Sarah!!!!!!!!
:yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer:
:yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer: :yay: :cheer:

You have every right to be a PROUD MOMMA!!
Chris, not only is that good....but thats DEANS LIST Great!!!!

:cheer: Go Sarah!!!!
Fantastic!!! Way to go Sarah!! Straight As is awesome under any circumstances but particularly so when academic success has been a struggle. Yay!!
Can't think of much to say, but I sure have a big grin on my face for you and your daughter so

:banana: :cheer: CONGRATULATIONS :cheer: :banana:
You have every right to be proud! Congrats!!!!!
What an accomplishment :!:

Feliz navidad, senorita :) ( sorry, it's all the Spanish I remember :oops:)
You have a reason to be proud and to be grinning from ear to ear!

YAY Sarah :!: What a great accomplishment :D :yay: :cheer: :go: :clappurple:
That's so great! It's amazing what actually being interested in something and motivated can do for someone. Plus, learning another language enough to teach it to others is pretty hard! Go Sarah! :D
AWESOME!!! :cheer:
That's super Chris! Goes to show you if you find something you are interested in it's easy to excel.
Thanks, everyone, for your kind words and congratulations. :ghug: You know, I really think I see a difference in her demeanor since she got the news. She walks more confidently, with her head a little higher. Her attitude has toned down a bit (THANK YOU!!). I think she just generally feels much better about herself. Yay! :kiss:
Chris that is great! You should be very proud!!!!!!
Chris, I am impressed!

Maybe Sarah can have a little chat with my first year University son, who also wants to teach.
He did well, but not even close to all AAAA's! I don't think he got one!

Good for her, and she should be very proud of herself!

:excited: :yay: Go Sarah!!!!!!


Drezzie & Sarah's Mom you have every right to celebrate and be proud.
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