Puppy cut, how do groomers do it?

I think it is finally time to get Allie a Puppy cut..Besides always being hot, she is matting up everywhere before my eyes! I brush her EVERYDAY...Then in the morning while she is lounging with me, I run my fingers all thru her hair and find about 4 matts per day! I can tell her hair is changing.

So my question. The last groomer I really liked, so want to go back. I do not want her shaved, so do I just ask for a puppy cut? Do they use clippers? How long is a puppy cut? 3 inches? I assume all groomers do a puppy cut different....plus I would think just shaving them down is easier for a groomer, then puppy cuts? Help! This is very new to me...
By the way, Allie turned 1 year old last Thursday! I tried to post new pics, but uploads were not working... :roll:
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They can't do a puppy cut unless she is totally mat free...

If they shave her down, she'll appear to have the perfect puppy cut in 4 to 6 weeks since it grows so fast....
Thanks for the reply! As of now (Cross fingers) she is matt free.....But her ears, I can not tell what is ear/hair/or matt! So I am sure the groomer will have fun with that!
So what is the usual length of the puppy cut? And do they use clippers to give a puppy cut? Just wondering everyones experiences....
Since the subject came up - when it gets to mid-may - I'd like to consider a puppy-cut for my dog. I prefer not to shave him down this year - even as short as 1 inch - I can but I'd like to not do it. So given a matt-free, bathed, brushed out dog - how does one get a puppy-cut.

I've been told combs are horrible, that only scissoring will work if you want something longer than what clippers do.

I'd ideally like 2-3 inches. What are the options. I've avoided groomers frankly and have done all stuff myself but I certainly can't do scissoring - I believe it is an art, and I've heard the combs are difficult even though I own them.

Any options. He swims daily from June - September so full coat is not an option here.

Judy & Mick
I did a scissors cut once, on our 1st OES Ollie. It wasn't pretty, but he wasn't mat free either. He was about 1 inch long - in most places!
I would think if you had a mat free, cooperative dog, that it would be not too bad. Having a good sharp scissors (or 2 - one big, one small) is the most important thing. Plan plenty of time - i went at it in 2 seperate sittings.
Seeing I was a rookie OES owner, and didn't have a good clean coat to work with, I was surprised how nice it looked. Especially after it evened out in a few weeks. :D
Scissoring is really the only way to leave 2-3 inches in length. Definitely takes a long time to do.
Verve-up, I like the length of our pup, the one standing up in your aviator! So cute! Is that a clipper shave, or a scissor puppy cut? I realize it is just hair and will grow back, but I really do not want Allie mistaken for a Giant poodle! Hah!
Even though it is freezing cold in Michigan, Allie is always so hot and I know she will love having her hair removed...Maybe she will even cuddle with us! :P
ccnwater wrote:
Is that a clipper shave, or a scissor puppy cut?

I used clippers with a 3 3/4 Blade which leaves you with about 3/4 to 1 inch of coat.

If you decide to use clippers or scissors you will get a much straighter effect if you make sure the coat is thoroughly brushed out first.

Here are some photos when we first clipped Frank down with the same clipper blade:

It will definitely be easier for you if you clip her down with her adult coat really starting to come in now. Don't worry it will always grow back!
OH MY GOD!!! All that hair! How funny! I dont think Allie would ever stand like that for me. It is hard to brush her ever since she started going to groomers...I have to wait till she is tired out, or asleep. I have a grooming appt for her next Tuesday, was going to wait for the weather to get warmer before I do this....But my parents will be puppy sitting for us, the week of March 17th. We will be on a cruise, and they will just play, spoil, love her up..Not brush her. So she would be a mess when I get back. Figured might as well get her in for her 1st cut/shave! Thanks for all the advice..
When we cut Clyde, I didn't want him shaved to the skin either. The groomer did a really nice job and did exactly what I asked. He's about 1 1/2 on his body and 2 inches on the legs for kind of a boot effect. I was as happy with a shavedown as I could be!


And now, in only 10 months, we're back even better than before. (Well, except that Clyde is sick in this picture, but you can see how much growth he has really well!)

OMG, we had Chauncey clipped down this weekend. We have been in the 2nd coat change forever and I was winning the battle against the mat farries.........UNTIL we tried to bath him!! :twisted: I had to admit defeat this weekend and have him clipped. Last spring with the 1st change he looked sooo pathetic, well you guys know that story. This year I have to admit I'm unhappy, I would have liked to have kept him longer, but it's a cut I can live with ( didn't throw-up or cry ). Bobby likes last years butcher job better.
Now Chauncey kinda looks like a gray & white bishon on steriods, last year he looked just like a greyhound puppy. He's about 1/4-1/2" on body & legs, face & ears are about 1". Not too bad :)
I sympathize regarding what happens after a bath if things are done perfectly. I too thought I was doing well with grooming 2 years ago - Mick was just about 2 years of age. We have a big demo to do - so I brought him to a self-grooming place to bath him. They had a nice blower I could use but the place was so awful - I just got the worst of the water off him and took him home. BAD mistake -

He matted because I didn't blow him properly and it was a mess! It looked fine for the demo but what a mess. What a lesson I learned!

This year - I am fully prepared - coat seems easier to handle these days anyway, I'm keeping it better, NO bathing will occur without proper help and tutalege - no bathing is really needed anyway until time to trim - and hopefully things will be easier.

I'm sure your adorable "big Bichon" will recover!

Judy & Mick
man do i know what you guys are saying. olive was so matter after a bath i gave her so i too her in to the groomer. the groomer said it would be tough but she would do what she could... 8O when i came back i had a rat. i am not kidding a skinned rat. she had a pink tint because her skin was really all you saw. :evil: thankfully she grew quick and now i am compleetly sold on keeping her shorter. :)
I'm just in the process of scissoring Dancer down... so far so bad! LOL I've never tried to scissor and actually leave coat, so we'll see... I may drag out the clippers anyway :lol:

So far I have found 2 of Tucker's baby teeth in her neck coat, so at least I know how that got so matted up :lol:
LOL - two of Tucker's teeth. :lol: :lol: That's a good one. :lol: :D
I have just found this site. I am usually out walking my dogs at this time,Wednesday being my day off from work.
I am still in a state of shock here. I came home from work over lunchtime on Monday to find my just 8 month oes puppy Eve looking like she had been attacked!! My 21 year old son had decided to 'help' to groom Eve by hacking at her hair with scissors (more like hedge cutters)
even the top of her head!!! she looks like something been experimented on!!
To night she is off to see a 'lady who has 6 oes of her own. ...
I just had to stop there as Eve jumped on my bed and caught sight of herself in my full length mirror. She has gone berserk at the scary dog in the blue blanket makeshift coat. At this one of my German Pointers has tried to hide behind my neck!!!! I have had to hang a long coat in front of the mirror... no kidding! We have not been out with our dogs in daylight since Sunday!! I am so depressed. Thanks for reading this. Jill
Its kind of like having a bad haircut for yourself, every time you look in the mirror you do a double take.
I had to read your son's age twice, :lol: I recently saw a cartoon on the web of a family with an OES and the 5 year old son went wild with a brush and hair gel on their OES puppy. Cute and undoable. Hope the trip for a more professional job helps :D :D
As I have been told....the first time you do it yourself (or your son does it), be prepared for your dog to look like you tried to cut their hair with children-safety scissors! Don't worry, Eva's mum, almost all of our sheepies have had to be shaved for one reason or another. Just make sure you cover up all mirrors and have a sweatshirt ready for your pissed-off cold sheepie! :lol:
i may be a groomer but ive not been grooming for long, and this is the first time my sheepie has had full coat. but ive been thinking about this, and played a little, how my poor boy puts up with me!
firstly you need to have no matts, go through the coat line combing and have a matt breaker on hand
then as you line comb, trim the hair using your hand as a guide for the length, thats if you want it longish. think of how the hairdresser dous you hair
you can also use combs that go onto your clippers
these go up to 25mm and are used with a #10 blade to a #30 blade
as for any trimming just remember to cut in the same direction as the hair otherwise you get a blunt cut mark. oh and make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors and lots of patience
just remember take you time, just dont go out for a walk in day light for a few days!!! oh and cover the mirrors
you can fluff your dog by combing the hair upwards and then just hand scissor, i did this to billies legs last night, but just took off the ends
i found him crying at my grooming room door as he hadnt been brushed all day. when i was quiet he would come in after each dog so he didnt get jelouse, but now i am getting busier i dont really have the time and he lets me know, even when i hadnt finished but had to go in sort out the kids, she was still there crying, wouldnt come in because i hadnt finished, talk about a pampered pooch!!! i was still grooming him at 9pm just wish he would let me do his front legs, anywhere else he will just let me do no problem, just dont touch the front legs!!!
I tried to do a puppy cut with clippers. I had mixed results. The last year, I did Einstein's puppy cut with scissors. It is a long adventure. It would take me two to three days. In part because I would get tired (my fingers) but mostly because as he aged, he got more tired and I didn't want to wear him out. I wouldn't worry too much if it is a little uneven, like the others said, it grows back nicely.

I never found a groomer that did a satisfactory puppy cut. It was always a shave no matter how hard I tried to explain what I wanted. That is why I ended up grooming him the last four years of his life. It is pretty relaxing.

Good luck!
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