How old should a puppy be before his first hair cut?

Hello again,
I was wondering if anyone else has an almost grey 7 month old pup, the only part of Oban's body thats black is he ears, he bottom started to go grey at 4 months and now hes just about all grey.

At what age did you give your puppy its first hair cut?
Oban has had his face and feet done often but I havent cut his body hair yet, its starting to get so warm here and I notice how hot he is at night.
I'm thinking more of a puppy cut rather than shaving him down, his coat is long and shabby looking, hes beautiful after a brushing but it only last a few hours and he's back to that orphan look, could it be just his puppy coat thats making him look so shabby.
Thanks for any advise.
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My Barney was pretty much completely gray when I first saw him at 5 months old, and a very light gray at that. But then you can look at pictures of some dogs here who are over a year and still really black, so I guess it just depends on the individual dog.
London started turning gray at 4 mths old. She is 10 mths old and I still haven't had her hair cut yet. We will probably wait another month before getting her puppy cut down due to the heat here in Louisiana.
I was wondering the same question just have not got around to asking. I really do not want to shave Obe down unless it is absolutely necessary. He is now 7 months and his coat is still black, yet a lot lighter than 3 or 4 months ago. His legs, ears and back are turning fast though. When the sun hits it you can definitely see the grey coming. I know he will need a hair cut but do not want to shave.
Tucker is not quite 5 months old and the hair on his hocks is starting to lighten, but on his body it's still black even at the root. One thing I notice about Tucker is his skin under the black coat is actually black. I don't remember any of my other oes having that, I think theirs was a pinkish blue color, so I wonder if Tucker will just stay black?
Hi elaine, this is a pictorial on one sheepie and the coat changes from 4 months to 4 years. There all different, some change early, some much later and some not every much in colour from a baby puppy colour.

Also want to point out that there is 2 major changes in an OES coat from baby puppy stage to a fully mature coat. Some people think after the puppy fluff is gone that is it, but Nooooooo one more major change from the junior coat to maturity :wink:

Both stages are very hard to keep them in coat. Knotting big time when these changes happen, so if it gets too much then easier to clip off and start again. :D
It really is amazing to watch the transitions. I didn't get to see Maggie's puppy coat but she was pale grey at 1 year and now, just over 2, I am starting to see the dark hair of her mature coat showing up in her shoulders. I am really looking forward to seeing the full mature coat on her.
My Bingley is almost 9 months old and his coat is still black. There are a few places along his haunches where his new coat is coming in but other than that he's mostly black. All his brother's coats have already turned to gray. As far as cutting, if you would prefer his look trimmed up, go for it! If you can keep up with his coat and you like the look of it long, keep it up and keep him in a/c when it is too hot.
Chewie sounds pretty similar to Bingley in coat. He is 10 months old - will be 11 months on 3/15. He has had grey on the hocks and ears for months, bit still is black on his body. His sibling are also way more grey than him - at least the other 4 I have seen. The grey is coming in on his body with the new coat - when I part him to the skin I can see it coming in. He still looks like such a baby with his black coat!

Stacey - Chewie's skin pigment on the black area is definitely MUCH darker than the white. The white is very pink, and the black is a very dark blue-ish color. Now I'm curious about that. We have been waiting and waiting for his coat to change!
We let our first sheepie, Quincy, go his first full year without a haircut. Then we shaved him and never looked back. For some reason, his body turned grey, but not his ears, and they remained black until he passed away.

After fully intending to let Oscar go a year in full coat as well, we shaved him at 8 months, after a very scary abcess that I missed because of all of his fur (even though I brushed him every other day). Once again, he's been shaved every six - ten weeks since.

Both dogs "ran hot", and, even shaved, would prefer to lay in a snowbank any day of the week. I love the look of the long hair, but not the work, and feel that Oscar is much cooler and happier with less fur. JMHO

got sheep wrote:
Stacey - Chewie's skin pigment on the black area is definitely MUCH darker than the white. The white is very pink, and the black is a very dark blue-ish color. Now I'm curious about that. We have been waiting and waiting for his coat to change!

Tucker's isn't just dark blue, it's actually black.... some of the dogs in his line do actually stay very dark... so Tucker just might be one of them.
Thank You Everyone.
I thought he was a bit young to be changing color so fast but it doesnt sound like it, with what your all saying, so thats good.
For his hair, I'm going to get it done in a month, I cleaned up his face yesterday, call me strange but I love to be able to see into there eyes so all that hair on his face had to go, he seems pleased to see me but now realsies he cant hide behind his hair when hes been in trouble.

Elaine, I'm with you. I can't stand hair in my eyes and when Chauncey's gets long, out comes the scissors.
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