DIY Project..fold up ironing board

I want to take this table top ironing board and attach it to the wall over my washing machine.

I have very limited space, so I thought this would be a handy thing to do quick ironing jobs, and then fold it up to lay against the wall out of the washer lid's way.

I have the big ironing board but don't always like dragging it out, or using a towel.... :)

I need a hinge...hubby came home last night with this particular hinge that makes a sturdy triangle and it snaps into place but it is backwards for my ironing board. It will only fold downward...and it need it to go up...flipping it over doesn't work.

My thought is...using a reg gate hinge, a 1x4 to give it something to screw into...the wall and one the board. Then a small strap attached to a knob to hold it up against the wall.

Will this work? Any other ideas...I need it to handle some downward pressure as I iron (push on it).

It is the small table top ironing boards from Wal-Mart...the legs on mine will be removed, they colapse all the time (P.O.S)...anyways I would prefer it up out of the way.

I googled every combination, and keep finding these cabinets type things...I don't want that.
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Is it coming down on top of your washer?

If you use the gate hinge, could you attach a block on the underside of the ironing board? When it comes down, it would rest on the block (on top of the washer) and be supported. You could cut a 2x2 the correct height to set level.
Sounds like a fun project!
Yes, I have a wall to the left of the washer...this is where I want it to stay.

Our "laundry room" is the size of a bedroom closest with folding doors.

I want to be able to slip a sleeve onto the end of the ironing I am not sure about the 2x2 under it as a support....maybe towards the back end...I get what you mean...we have that for camping in the trailer....they have that metal leg.

I was hoping a heavy duty hinge on the 1x4 (laying flush) will be enough support. has a recessed ironing center:,2037,DIY_13937_2269506,00.html

I haven't watched the video.

And [url][/url] the British version has an ironing table that flips down and slides. They'll sell it to you, but maybe it gives you an alternative idea.
I have one of the recessed ones and it was really a disappointment for me. It came with our house. Even though it is "recessed," it sticks out 2 inches into the room.
I hope it works better for you.

I'll try to describe it for you in hopes it helps.
The support bar under the ironing board is actually two pieces of metal.
The two pieces of metal are in a narrow "T" shape, with the long part of one fitting inside the long part of the other (think curtain rod or toilet paper roll holder). Once they are put together, the "T" is at the end.
One end of the "T" attaches under the pointed end of the iron board, with several brackets bolted on each side to hold the metal against the board, but letting the metal rotate. The other end of the "T" attaches to the inside bottom edge of the recessed box, a couple of inches below the ironing board. Same kind of brackets to secure it to the box. The wider part of the ironing board has a rod running through it to allow it to rotate into position.
Look at the first ironing board in this website - you can see the two rods under the board. (we have one)
I'd ask the repair place guy..he knows everything!
woo hoo! One of those Ironing Centers is on our wish list... we think.
Thanks, but I didn't want to buy a recessed one.

There are fine, probably...but I like to recycle things the best to my ability.

I bought a couple hinges. I think I found a way to get it done.

This is my plan:

Place a 1x4 piece on the me an edge.

Place hinge on board...attaching the half of the hinge to the fabric side side of ironing board....pretty hinge. Using bolts to make it even more strong.

Then at a height of exsisting legs...that will also sit on top of the washing machine lid.

Then when done, I have a pretty ribbon go across the back side of the board holding it up to the wall...with simple coffee cup screws.

I have a plug for power in there already.

I will take pictures when we get it done.

P.S...There are special hinges for fold DOWN tables....but to reverse it to fold up it doesn't work right.
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