Last night Panda did something weird....she was snorting/breathing through her nose really loud and fast...I sat on the floor with her and was patting her side and it didnt go away...she kept nudging me with her head...so I pryed open her mouth (it seemed to be locked) and then she was fine...

I have been told that it could be a sign of allergies, but I have never experienced it and have never seen her NOT to be able to open her mouth...was it the pressure from breathing so hard that she couldnt open her mouth? She hasnt done it since....but now Im kinda worried.....
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Barney's done something similar before, but he's always stopped after maybe 10 seconds (before I could really do anything to try and help him). I know he gets dry skin and itchies from allergies, so maybe it does have something to do with allergies. How scary...Poor Panda girl.

Barney says he hopes she feels better...
How scarey, hope Panda is okay
Poor Panda!!!
Poor girl! And poor scared Darcy! I hope it was just a one off thing.
It sounds like something I experienced with Izzie. Here is the post that might have an explanation.

Thanks Amanda...it sounds like she had a reverse sneeze episode.....boy was it freaky......Panda says thank you to all of the concern.......
Hey, Darce! It's probably nothing serious, but have it checked out if Panda continues to do this. Annie did this for about a week a few months after we brought Foz home. The vet thought it might be a mild episode of kennel cough caught from the pup even though he was vaccinated. They gave Annie antibiotics and the episodes haven't happened since :D
I will....my first thought WAS kennel cough, but she hasnt been around anyone other than Bailey lately...and I know he's fine...but you can be sure, if it happens again, a car ride to the vet will take place!
I'm glad she's okay. Wow - that was scary. I've never heard of that before. :D
First time I heard of it. Poor baby girl.
A friend of mine's dog gets "reverse sneezes"...my friend puts her on her side, and rubs her until she calms down. It looks really scary, but once she catches her breath, shes off and running like nothing happened! :)
I was freaking out when it happened to Izzie. 8O ..but as soon as it stopped she was back to normal :D . It hasn't happened since that one time...at least not when I was around.
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