A Passenger's map for Penn Station, in New York City.

I will be taknig the train to Penn Station, and since I haven't been there before, I'd love to get a map for the station. I'd like to know where the tracks are in relation to the exits, and the best entrance to Madison Square Garden for the show. Where the bathrooms are would be good, too.

But I can't find a map, or a picture online at all!!!

Anyone know where I can find such a thing?

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Interesting you should ask...... I've been asking around for that myself. I'm still trying to figure a way to get down for the day, the bus trip I "planned" on taking doesn't get there til 3:00 in the afternoon :(

Someone suggested driving to NJ and taking a train to Penn Station, which they claim is near the garden.
Hi Ron,
Being a good New Yorker I doubt you will find one. Think of the security issues involved with what you looking for. Penn Station is fairly well marked and you don't even have to go outside to get to the Garden. There are also plenty of Port Authority cops around, who are very helpful. Just ask them for what you are looking for. If you are coming on Amtrak and using Acela service there is a secure waiting area you can use. You just need to show your ticket. Hope this makes it easier for you.
P.S. I would have to be VERY desperate to use a bathroom in Penn Station.
Penn Station is incredibly well signed. Easy to find subway entrances, etc. and people are very helpful if you need directions.

Personally, I'd wait until I got to the Gardens to use the restroom. Avoid subway/train station bathrooms in general.

This has a link at the bottom for Restrooms in Madison Square Gardens.

Here is the NYC MTA website. Subway is by far the best way to get around the city once you're there. Last time I was there it was $7 for a one-day unlimited pass. Buses are slower, but they're a great way to see more of the city.

Madison Square Gardens is just south of the Penn Station stop on the 1-2-3 (red line).

For walking distances, it will take less than a minute to walk one street (i.e. from 33rd to 32nd St.), whereas it might take 3-4 minutes to walk one avenue (i.e. from 8th to 7th Ave).

Wear comfy shoes and don't be afraid to ask for directions - New Yorkers are very friendly, and the MTA staff are awesome.
GEE I did not even think of that!! It is a good idea,I am comming into Penn Station and our hotel is a block from the station .I will await what others say to help. Very Good thought Ron Thanks :D

I am a native New Yorker also and you should use the bathrooms in the Garden not the ones in the train station. Once you get off of the train you will either take an escalator or a staircase up to the main concourse for Amtrak. In the main concourse there will will be many staircases that go into the Garden and plenty of signage.

Someone else mentioned the Police being in the station but there are still also National Guard Officers in the station too. Plenty of officials to ask questions of.

If you are looking for a nice place to get a bite outside of the Garden to eat, walk a few blocks south on 7th Avenue, between 28th and 29th Street to Mustang Sallys. The food is pub-style and the prices are reasonable. The Shepard's Pie is great.

I went to school in this area of town and could give you the 411 on just about anything.

I was just in NY Penn Station over Christmas, and was amazed at the renovations that have been done in the NJ Transit/Amtrak area of the station. I didn't use the restroom (being a native LOL!) but my husband did and said it was fine. I couldn't find a map either Ron, but Madison Square Garden is directly above Penn Station NY so as mentioned, you don't even need to go outside.

Taskers Mom, taking a train into NY Penn is a good idea, but you're going to have to do some planning for parking. During the week most NJ Transit parking lots are full up. You can either call or email NJ Transit http://www.njtransit.com they should be able to tell you where the best place to park is.
If the info is so sensitive that a map would be a security issue, then they ought not allow people who can draw in the building. :roll:

I've been in the city a lot, but usually down in the Wall Street area. I've been in the WTC quite alot as my last career was in the Financial industry and one of my companies had offices there.

Never took the train before -- I've flown into Newark using People's Express (anyone remember them?) for $25 and took the bus across to Grand Central for $4 at the time. I've flown into the city on the shuttle more times than I can count.

Hmmmm New York Bagels.... nothing better. And bread! There's a little Kosher style bakery that I liked called Moishes at 2nd and 7th -- not that they are the best, but I just loved the lady behind the counter. I was picking out a few loaves to take to my parents, and they had some sort of a choclate loaf, and I thoguth aloud "My mother would like that, but my dad would disown me if I got it for her" and the lady said : "Don't worry, I'll adopt you".

I was sold. :D
Ron wrote:
If the info is so sensitive that a map would be a security issue, then they ought not allow people who can draw in the building. :roll:

Maybe they figure that someone sketching would be easier to spot than a guy with a map.
Sheepie Heaven wrote:
Madison Square Gardens is just south of the Penn Station stop on the 1-2-3 (red line).

Madison Square Garden is above/attached to Penn Station. If your train goes into Penn Station then there is no reason to take another train.
Okay, now I am curious. What is happening Madison Square Gardens??

I never have experienced NYC, it is top of my list for our next trip.

This was an old post and I am assuming it was about coming to NYC for westminister when Mandy's dog was exhibiting????
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