Swallowed rawhide

:oops: Hi, Willoughby swallowed a piece of rawhide about 4" square last eveing. I'd been holding it while he chewed. I was on the phone and he walked away with it behind the coffee table. Before I could take the "chewie" away, I heard a loud gulp and when I looked the rawhide had disappeared. 8O Needless to say, there will be no more rawhide bones. Has anyone experienced this with their sheepie and if so, what was the outcome? I'm hoping he might bring it up. I am calling the vet for advice as well. Thanks! :?
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Willoughby, you stinker! Isn't that always how it works? You turn your back for one second.... Our first sheepie, Quincy, did the same thing. He showed no ill effects, and a couple of days later, a large, majorly softened hunk of rawhide came out with his stool.

I would just watch for vomiting, lethargy, straining to poop, or any other signs of an obstruction. Most likely though, it will probably pass normally.

Fingers crossed.......
Most of the time swallowed raw hide will cause no problem. Occasionally it will cause an obstruction, which is why it's better to get the compressed rawhide or pig skin.

I would just watch him for a few days and make sure he continues his normal stool pattern. As Oscar's Mom said watch for vomiting, lethargy and also loss of appetite as those can all be signs of a bowel obstruction. Diarrhea can also be a sign of an obstruction, if the intestine is obstructed then only liquid stool can pass looking like the dog has diarrhea.

I'm guessing your pup will be ok but just keep an eye on him and switch treats!!
Unfortunately, yuki is a hard chewer as well. I've tried practically every single kind. She bites several inches off at a time instead of at the end of the bone like a normal dog. 8O

I feel so bad not giving her a bone, so sometimes i still give them to her but watch her. what's worked for us is only letting yuki have it for 10 min. (THE HEAVY DUTY ones). this gives her enough time to chew but not get too far.

We have pulled SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many out of her throat because she's choked or they've gotten stuck. We never use those again ...just keep trying w/new stronger bones. 8O
I never feed rawhide as one of mine years ago nearly choked on one, caught in her throat. Had to pull it out and thank goodness I was around.

Personally I think they are bad after that experience and that is not the first dog that has had that near choking experience either. :?

Just keep an eye on him for any obstructions, he will get quite unwell if there is an obstruction, watch him potty too and make sure he is pooping OK. It might take a day or two to pass. Any vomitting or not pooping then straight to the vet.
I don't feed rawhides either (but have as a last resort to finding somethign for yuki). For Yuki, due to "how she chews" ...anything she chews, she gulps or bites from the middle. I definitely agree that rawhides aren't the best for our dogs because they hard (very slow) to digest!
Joahaeyo wrote:
I feel so bad not giving her a bone, so sometimes i still give them to her but watch her.

Have you tried flossies? My dogs love them. They provide a good long-lasting chew and are fully digestible. Plus they are clean -- no residue on the carpet!

Has anyone tried sterilized beef bones ?
I get them at pets mart. You can look them up on their web site.

They have some with stuffing inside and some that are basted.
I just give Harley the 'clean white' ones ..(better for the carpets...)LOL :P

He will chew on one for a month then I will buy him a new one just so he can think he got something new. :wink:

Here's their description on the pets- mart web site :

Product Description:
Top Seller!
100% natural sterilized beef bones are USDA inspected and come in natural, flavor dipped, granola-coated

You cannot go wrong with the beef bones. Good for the teeth and no worries of choking. Laika one for all her special places. One in the car one at day care one on her bed and one in the living room. I stuff veggies and apples inside then sealer with some peanut butter we don't use peanut butter as much anymore I came to realize that is where her stinky farts were coming from :oops:
I give my dogs something similar to the bones that Antoinette gets...they are sterilized beef bones but they do not come in assorted flavours....
I have 2 HUGE chewers and these bones take a beating before they need to be replaced. I have tried the nylabones for heavy chewers and they did not last...Faith was able to get little pieces off them and it was a plastic-like material....those got tossed into the trash. After seeing what happened to Pooh with the denta-bone I am very choosy on the treats that my dogs get.
Years ago we used to give Chelsea(our chow) pig ears and cow hooves but one time dogs had gotten very sick from improperly processed pig ears/cowhooves and I stopped using them....I don't take any chances with the dogs treats.
Oh Lynda I hope Willougby is okay - just saw your post ! If you're working I could have stopped in to make sure he was doing okay and take him out for you. Call me if you need me!

Marianne and the boys
HAHA I was reading all these posts and now I am even more confused!
I always gave the dogs bully sticks, they seemed to do well and Stella will clean and vacuum the house for them, she is obsessed with them. But the other night, about 3 hours after finishing one, she vomited up a piece about 3 inches long! No more bully sticks in this house, but what????
She is a big chewer and frankly I'm getting a little tired of wearing shoes with teeth marks. Nyla bones get boring to her fast, plus she breaks off pieces as well..
So, I know all the posts are here, but if someone can quickly summarize what is really the safest, I would love you.
We were told no bones and no rawhide. Rawhide because of possible choking/blockage and bones because OESD's teeth can chip/break or something. I can't really remember the reasoning but if there's any risk I figure it's better to just not give him them.

Kongs are safe of course, but they're not exactly a chew toy. Sounds like your dog has some powerful jaws to be destroying nylabones, so make sure to get the black (toughest) kongs.

Have you tried the everlasting treat ball? We got Barkley one for Christmas (Large size) and he loves it, though it took him awhile to figure out that he loves it. At first he wasn't going for the everlasting treat and just chewing on the ball but then we figured out that the treat the ball came with was stale when we got it, so we put in a fresh refill and he loves it. We also got one for my parents' Goldendoodle pup and she loved it - she worked on it for days on end and carried it around the house with her.

You can also stuff it with kibble, cookies, treats, etc. and it's more difficult for them to get the treats out than with a Kong.

If you search the forum for "everlasting", you'll find it's been discussed a few times.
We use the super hard Nylabones for tough chewers. Any pieces that come off are tiny and should pass right through an OES's digestive tract. They have multiple "flavors".

They also have some more interesting shapes, and they could alwys be smeared with a little peanut butter flavor to keep someone's attention.

Let me see if I can find my thread about Nylabone.. hold on one sec.

Ok, I'm back! Wasn't that quick? :roll:

How is Willoughby?
:D :D :D Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement. I've just had an awful week at work :( so I haven't got back to you! I watched him carefully and thank goodness there were no ill effects. He ate and pooed normally since the incident. I think that he must have chewed it so that it was all very soft before the big gulp. I also had to take away a Jumbone previously as he tried to swallow it whole. :? I will try a white bone and see how it goes. I never let him chew anything unless I'm with him.
Marianne, as always, thanks for your offer of help. I'm lucky to have you so close by! :clappurple:
Good News :D

Whew glad to hear Willoughbye is okay!! :yay:

Lynda we have to get together soon - when our weather returns to normal of course..ha ha and go for a walk together.

Our family lost our beloved Harley, an 8 month old Golden Retriever to a piece of rawhide. He choked to death right in front of us. Never, Never again......rawhide is poison!
We give Chauncey smoked pig ears when we are home. He loves them and they get pretty soft when slobbered.
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