Biological vs. chronological age

This was in a thread in another forum I post on, and it was fun to do!
What's your real age? (just owning a dog makes you younger!) My biological age is 29.4 but apprently my chrono age is 33.5... LOL Now I can tell my hubby, THIS is why we need another sheepie :lol:
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I've seen this guy on TV... naybody else? Do you believe him?

I've done the RealAge test... it says ...well it wasn't very good for me... :(
Well, ok, not THAT bad, but I just bought some stock in a cane company.
Has anyone else taken the test? Were you years younger or years older?

Of course, I've found books about RealAge!

The RealAge Makeover: Take Years off Your Looks and Add Them to Your Life, by Michael F. Roizen

The RealAge Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat, by Michael F. Roizen, John LA Puma, M.D.

Cooking the RealAge Way: Turn Back Your Biological Clock with More than 80 Delicious and Easy Recipes, by Michael F. Roizen, John La Puma, M.D. (Hardcover)

Cooking the RealAge Way: Turn Back Your Biological Clock with More than 80 Delicious and Easy Recipes, by Michael F. Roizen, John La Puma, M.D. (Paperback)
Biological age: 25.7
Real age: 24.2 - Funny, it was around 21 until I mentioned I had kids and was married & then it jumped up :)
Calendar age 52.3
Real age 55.4 :(

This is very depressing. I do think I should get bonus points for having 4 dogs :D Oh well, I guess I'll stay up all night smoking and eating chocolate.
Lol. Calendar age: 29.4, Real Age:28.4.

Wow, I'm a whole year younger. I was doing great until the smoking section. I quit three months ago but my real age took a pretty big hit! My boyfriend did it too and he was doing great until they got to birth control method. Somehow my being on the birth control patch added almost 6 years to his age!
Bad test!! I didn't like this one at all. calender age 28.6 real age 38.2 :cry:
I feel so much better now!! I'm 39.4 calendar and real age 35.1. This makes my day!! Now if I can just stay at 35, that would be perfect!! :lol:
Well, I am 4.4 years older.... but that's better than the 8.8 years older I was last time I took the test.

Hmmmm.... Perhaps I was a little more careful in my answers this time?
I'm 2.2 years younger! Yeah Baby!!!! :mrgreen:
My real age is 4 years older - it went up by 5 years after I checked the box that said that 2 or more female releatives had breast cancer. The good new is that both of them survived and are in great shape now. Early detection and prompt treatment save lives! Ladies, remember to take care of yourselves because your puppies need you!

I'll get down from my Pink Ribbon soap box now...
My real age is 5 years younger. The number went up when I confessed I smoke, eat red meat and don't participate in vigorous exercise.

Paula O.
I am 4.9 years younger!!!
I am 38.8 and my RealAge is 38.9, guess I can't complain too much about that.
Calendar 31.1 Real age 28.3

Cool. Another way to tell my wife that's she's older than me! :lol:
The realage is based just on questionnaire and cannot be valid of course. These guys are just making money on people curiosity :)

I found the biological age test on [spam removed], and this scientific tool uses device attached to your earlobe and it takes just a 1 minute. Well it's a toll service but if you really concerned about your age... 8O
I was doing really well until it got to the questions about fast driving - okay how doews that effect my age? It may effect my chance of accidents (and injury and death etc) but wouldn't I just be exisitng at a younger age - real or not?
Okay so not so bad - more than 4 years off my chronological age.
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