Feeding a puppy-2 times a day or leave his food out all day?

Should I feed Prince 2 times a day or leave his food out all day?
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If you want to control what comes out of the pup...you have to control what goes in. I would feed at specific times of the day so you will know when Prince will need to go out to potty. After Prince is reliable at not going potty in the house or in the crate you can free feed if you like. I used to free feed my chow...she would never overeat...however with my crew now I feed at specific times of the day...one of my dog would eat until she is sick if I free fed. :roll:
Good points from Kim.

Also, I would recommend (but again, speak with your vet if in doubt) that you divide his daily amount of food into 3 portions - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They have fast metabolisms so they might get hungry in the middle of the day and also feeding more, smaller meals is a way to prevent bloat.

Barkley is 6 months old and he still gets 3 meals a day - with a snack at bedtime. We'll switch him to 2 meals eventually - maybe around a year old, but never switch him to 1 meal a day. Again, to prevent bloat.
I free fed Tasker til just a few years ago. He did very well and never over ate. My Vet recommends that method of feeding. But then all of a sudden he became an eating machine and started to put on weight, so I went to scheduled feeding.

I fre fed him as a puppy and had no trouble potty training him, he was also crate trained and as soon as he left the crate we would go outside to potty.
Pirate gets breakfast at 5:30 am, and dinner at 5:30 pm.

Oh...and the snacks during the day!!!
I prefer free feeding, and went with that method for a long time. However, now I am kind of mixing the two methods. I feed in the morning and evening, and just leave it til it's gone.... not much different I suppose.
The puppy is being fed 3 times a day and whatever he doesn't eat in 15 minutes or so is picked up.
Speaking of feeding, not really off topic but kinda hijacking the thread......

Ty has some rather odd eating habits. He is crated during the day and has food available at all times. At night when I get home I feed Tasker and I usually give Ty about 2 tablespoons of wet food. Then he has dry food down the rest of the night. HIs dry food is in a bowl on the bed (So Tasker won't get it).

Ty waits until it's time for us to go to bed THEN decides it's time to eat and he chows down big time. I've never been able to figure out WHY he does that!!!!
Between 2 dogs and 2 cats...I can't leave food out. It never last more than a few moments.

So, everyone eats when I put it down...or they lose out!
First off how old is Prince? When Pippin was very small- he got 3 feedings a day, but by 4-5 months old, was on 2 feedings a day. You'll find potty training is made MUCH easier by scheduled feeding times. Good luck with your little guy!
Prince is 10 weeks old so far he has been doing great with using the washroom out side he evens paws at the door to go out. He does wet in the house every now and again but only had a number two when we put him in the kennel if he sleeps on the bed he is good all night. I know he should not sleep on the bed :oops: but you seen him lol. I was just wondering what was healthier for him. This is the first OES pup I had. I did have a 5 year old one that i saved from a family that could not take care of him anymore. I had him for about 4 years until he got really sick and we had to put him down.
If you like Prince on your bed then go for it. He is your pup....lots of people have slept with their pup in their bed. I always said NO DOGS ON THE BED...well guess what...my dogs now sleep on the bed sometimes too :lol: :lol: But they also go into their crates when I have to leave the house. I crated them at night until just recently and mine are older...everyone has a different way to raise their dogs, and as long as you have lots of love for them...the differences rarely matter 8)
We free feed Chauncey ( alot like willowsprite mentioned ). I also recommend a high quality food. This also helps alot with potty training. We didn't have the WONDERFUL resources of this board when we got our lab Jake almost 14 yrs ago, so he got plain old Dog Chow. He left horse size piles in the yard for us. We started Chauce on Royal Cainin large breed puppy food for 1st 12 months, then gradually switched to lg breed adult. What a difference when cleaning the yard. A good quality food has less filler. Kathy BTW..Chauncey sleeps with us. We only crate when he's alone.
We use IAMS for Prince. i used with my other OES but it was only sold in pet stores then now you can buy it any where. Is it still a good food?
James&Chevonne wrote:
We use IAMS for Prince. i used with my other OES but it was only sold in pet stores then now you can buy it any where. Is it still a good food?

You will get many differing opinons on this. Iams used to be a top of the line food, I fed it to my pets for years, and they all did wonderfully. I have only recently switched from Iams because I was concerned about their formulas changing to make them more cost effective. However, they did just fine on Iams, and some of the super premium foods like Wellness seemed to be too rich for them and they often vomited it.
Mine are on Pro Plan now and doing well.
I feed my 2 girsl twice a day.
Cassy is still young (5 months), but she never ate 3 times a day.
When she was still with her litter mates she was like a tiger over the food.

Charlotte had in the beginning difficulty's eating. I think that had to do because of the long flight from Kansas to the netherlands. After 2 weeks she finally started eating, but she is not a big eater too.

In between they get a dog biscuit, old bread, or cheese.
And in the weekends every eaving a fresh bone.
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