Maggie failed the interview at Camp Bow Wow!

I've been researching different doggie daycare/boarding facilities both to give Maggie some extra fun and also to be prepared for the future when I might need to board them. At all the places I've ever taken her, I always hear the same thing: she's a bit shy at first but once she relaxes, she is superfun and has a great time with the other dogs. I was excited to try Camp Bow Wow because they have doggie webcams:

I took her for the initial interview this morning. They put her in a small room with a half-door and I was supposed to wait just outside, out of her sight. Of course, Maggie wanted out of that room to be with me! All the other places have you drop the dog off so that they realize you are gone and they need to adjust. Then they brought in another dog into the room. Within two minutes, the guy pops his head out of the door, shaking his head saying Maggie tried to nip the other dog. The other dog then leaped over the halfdoor out of the room and they gave me this look like "see how much he wants to get away from your dog!"

The guy said Maggie was a risk they could not take! I was flabbergasted! It was surprising to me how shocked and annoyed I felt -- they were rejecting Maggie (the funnest nicest dog ever)??

They said I could try again some other day but No Way. I don't know what went on in that room, but clearly that is not the right place for Maggie. It took me over an hour to catch my breath and let it go.
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Maybe Maggie knew that the place was no good and was trying to get kicked out?
I'm so surprised! Maggie always seems to be so happy and playful, maybe they mistook her energy level for aggression?
How dare they reject our Maggie! I wouldn't try again either if I were you, there are places out there that will be a better fit.
Walter wants Maggie to know he feels her pain, he has been kicked out of 1 doggie daycare, and 4 different groomers!

But really that is ridiculous, they obviously need to change their screening process if they won't accept a dog that loves to play with other dogs.. something has to be wrong there!
ha...i cant believe it....what kind of mean dog did they put her in there with????
that's odd! she was probably play nipping and the man just wasn't experienced with sheepies. on to the next place...i'm so sorry :( :(
I agree with Stacy - Maggie was just being a sheepdog!! Grrrr!!! :twisted: Onward and upward!!
Stupid daycare people! Maggie knew she could do better and was just taking matters into her own hands....
That is JUST CRAZY!!!!!! I have never hear of having to pass a test to be accepted for boarding or day care!!!!!! Isn't it up to the caregiver to meet the needs of the individual dog?????
Actually, Barney had to have a trial half day of daycare before he could be accepted there on a regular basis. But I don't know how they did it...seems odd to just stick a dog in a room and throw a new dog in with her, unless I guess they're saying that's how it would be at the daycare--just drop them off in a room and be overstimulated right away and see how she's handle it?
Grrr huff bow wow grrr bark bark wuff ggggrrrrrr bow wow huff.
It is not usually boarding requirement but places that offer daycare usually have some sort of trial period to make sure dogs enjoy themselves, are not aggressive, etc. I actually like that because then I am sure my dog is with other nice dogs. So I was not surprised that there was a test, but I was shocked that she failed it since she has done so well at all the places I've ever taken her. Most places though require that the owner go away for the test. I've never had one where I was supposed to wait outside the room. I am going to look at another place this afternoon. They say the first day of daycare they introduce her to the dogs slowly and then just keep a close eye on the new dog to see if it is a good fit. That's better because it gives her a chance to adjust.

Camp Bow Wow expected Maggie to stay in a room and play while I was waiting right outside the door. I believe she didn't want to play under those circumstances but I cannot believe they said she was aggressive when the dog approached her. That just doesn't fit her personality at all.
Two words--------->their loss.

Hope Maggie finds a daycare where she will have a lot
of fun. She deserves the best!

:ghug: Hugs to you and Maggie :ghug:
How Dare They!!!!

What's their address.. were going down there!!!!!

or is it over?? across???.. geesss I hate being geograpical challenged...
At our daycare there was a 1/2 day "trial" to make sure your dog plays well with others. They try very hard to keep aggressive dogs out so nobody gets hurt...

But we have seen Maggie playing at dog parks across the country with new friends and she didn't have any problems :D ...their screening process is unusual and doesn't seem very effective :evil:

Who needs them...Maggie will have a great time wherever she goes 8)
What a silly screening process, Maggie is not stupid she would sense you are behind the door, there loss as they will not have the pleasure of ever knowing what a great fun and lovable girl she is. :P :evil:
Hi Val,

I hope you are enjoying Boulder, I was there many years ago and I loved it. When I was in my 20's I always thought I would be rich and retire by my 30's and I would settle in Colorado. Funny how things change.

I used to own a dog daycare center. My requirement was that the dog came in for an "interview". The first interview was for me to meet the dog and have the dog interact with my dog or one of my staffs dogs while I was chatting with the owner. If all went well with that we would set up a couple hour trial period for the new dog to come back to daycare and mix with a few other guest. If all went well then the owner , if they were satisfied with me and my facility would start having their dog come on a regular basis. My facility could only accomodate 30 dogs comfortably and we were always filled to capacity. Even after all the initial screening there still were dogs, who like people just did not get along. I always would place together dogs who were of the same energy level, so the ones who liked to chase and rough and tumble play would go together, older more sedate ones would have another area, etc.

I was very strict though on the initial interview. If a dog showed any sign of aggression I just could not chance it. I had to make sure all of my guest were safe and I could not risk a lawsuit. I can understand your feelings about Maggie since you know her, and I also believe that maybe she sensed it was not the right fit for her either. Do not take it personal, you will find the right place just keep looking.

Take good care.

How is Chum doing by the way?
jackcjjc wrote:
I was very strict though on the initial interview. If a dog showed any sign of aggression I just could not chance it. I had to make sure all of my guest were safe and I could not risk a lawsuit. I can understand your feelings about Maggie since you know her, and I also believe that maybe she sensed it was not the right fit for her either. Do not take it personal, you will find the right place just keep looking.

Take good care.

How is Chum doing by the way?

Jack -- I am all for a screening process. I completely believe it is necessary and beneficial. But with the rave reviews that Maggie has gotten at every facility I've taken her this past year, I was just dumbfounded that she could fail. Putting aside my feelings about Maggie, I have always gotten feedback from daycare and boarding places that Maggie is one of the gentlest, sweetest, highly trustworthy and playful dogs. Just last week, another place I was testing rated Maggie as "superfabulous" (their word). So it just never occurred to me that Maggie, who never complains when dogs nip, bite, tug, or even hump her, could be considered a problem. Clearly this place was not a good fit and we will find somewhere else.

Chum is doing pretty well. She is on a slew of new medications and alternative therapies and she seems cheerful. She actually was willing to take two walks today -- stiff and wobbly -- but still, that's an improvement.
Bring her over here; Barney and Maggie would love to have her. :D
George wrote:
Bring her over here; Barney and Maggie would love to have her. :D

Thanks George!!

I think they'd really love each other.

That is really odd...But expecting her to befriend a strange dog in strange confined quuarters like that is a bit much. It is a lot different where there is a lot of space to move around in...not a room where the dog would feel trapped.

I would also suspect is that she knew you were outside the door and the other dog may have been trying to intereact wti her, while she was more interested in you.

Possibly then, said dog was getting persistent , and Maggie could have given all the calming signals to get the dog to leave her be. If he continued to pester her she would snap at him. Sound perfectly normal behavior to me.

I blame the other dog for being rude, and the handlers for not being able to read doggie behavior. Maggie is obviously well-versed in doggie language, so if the folks there couldn't see that, their loss and best she not go there.

Why I outta !!!!! Okay sorry but this story made me feel like one of the stooges who wanted to thump someone on the head!! Pfff who needs them? Maggie is a wonderful girl from your descriptions and photos of her playing with all sorts of dogs. Their loss as someone said.

On another note concerning doggie sister got a job at one last year for a total of one day. Yup that was day. They came highly recommended and were in demand so my sister thought she'd enjoy working there. Her first day of work she asked about the dogs names and was told she didn't need to know that. Huh?
An hour into the work the woman, her assistant and my sister loaded up 10 dogs in a crates, to go up to the mountains for a walk. My sister had to sit on the floor with the dogs and held on tightly to the smallest ones. She was admonished by the woman who said not to touch the dogs as they were fine. One of the larger dogs tried to then get into the front seat and was pushed back hard by the assistant seated in front.
Next they arrived at the mountain for an uphill sister tagged near the back as the two oldest dogs seemed to have trouble walking the steep incline. She was told to "hurry up" and to not worry about those two they knew the route.
The owner of the kennel then proceeded to throw rocks at the dogs for them to! My sister expressed concern over the rock throwing. She was then told her services would not be required the next day. She felt so bad she cried for days over her treatment...seemed so unfair and made me think of Maggies situation..Unfair! Then again..if they are so quick to base their judgement on her ..then it probably was a place like my sister worked for that one day. I am still outraged at her treatment and worried about the dogs under that womans care when people think their dogs are safe. I understand you being miffed as it's sort of the same kind of treatment.

We all know Maggie's behavior is exemplarary and pfff to those people at that daycare.

Marianne and the boys
sorry to hear of Maggie's unfortunate experience at the daycare. But aren't you glad they didn't accept her, sounds like a place that Maggie doesn't need to be :cry:
Tasker's Mom wrote:
That is JUST CRAZY!!!!!! I have never hear of having to pass a test to be accepted for boarding or day care!!!!!! Isn't it up to the caregiver to meet the needs of the individual dog?????

My dogs have gone to 4 different day cares (just for variety's sake) and each one has different "test" or "trials" that they do. I don't blame them for doing it and I wouldn't expect them to take a dog that bucks the behavior norms right off the bat (I'm not saying this is the case with Maggie, just in general). If it was a one on one case I suppose it might be different, but when my dog is among 30 or 40 dogs, I'd really prefer that all of them come in balanced right off the bat so the provider doesn't have to spend all their time worrying about a couple of problem dogs-- even if mine might be one of them.

On a side note, every time they go to day care, I ask for a progress report on Bear since he has a tendency to get rough. When we dropped them off yesterday, I realized why the day care owner always looks confused when I ask that. As soon as Bear ran into the main area, he was met by 2 big Great Danes, that are apparently his buddies, but more dominant than him. He went down on his back and started rolling around, swatting and playing. It was definitely a submissive move, but playful at the same time. Apparently, those 2 guys put him in his place when he gets there and keep him busy and well behaved all day. I couldn't believe it-- I'd never seen him on his back like that.
Doesn't sound like it would be somewhere I would want to leave my dog.
What? 8O

They don't deserve "our" Maggie!
they sue there own clients for dog fights, aren't they supervising?!?!
The set up seemed weird and not like it was designed to help dogs succeed. Mine would not have settled down if they knew I was outside the room, either.

Yes, their loss but I'm guessing the win belongs to you and to Maggie.
Thanks for all the kind words. That thread was started 5 years ago and since then, Camp Bow Wow has changed ownership. Maggie and Henry both passed under the new management and they both go semi-regularly when I am having a busy day. It is a funny place. All the dogs just mill around, not much playing. But it is stimulating and they are tired afterwards.

I was skimming the board late last night and didn't look at the date of the OP. I'm an idiot sometimes....

Glad it's turned out to be a good place.
I was kinda wondering about that and had to do a double take to check the date. Wow five years already since that post...glad your kids are accepted now and even better it's got new owners.

Wow five years and this comes up, maggie is a treasure and there loss previously before new owners took over. :wink:

Who could 5 years ago refuse such a wonderfull girl :P People running the place and not "Dog Savvy" :P :roll:
My dog failed his first interview as well! He is always great at Day Cares, but scared with new people and environments. We are working on it but will be great if he eases into it and will be okay after an hour or two. They instantly put you in a crate for 15 minutes (while in a loud room with multiple barking dogs) ANY DOG would be scared and nervous if this is the first thing they do. They said he snapped at them when they took off his harness and failed him within a minute! They wouldn't even let him stay for 5 minutes to calm down, just instant fail in a minute! I couldn't believe it. Camp Bow Wow is incredibly strict and weird they do this as the first interaction in the interview. They just said "uh, I guess take him to parks and stuff so he gets used to people" I went, we do that already AND he is already established at a day care with no issue"
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