Vaccinations for less? Free Clinic?

A coworker of mine says you can go to some shelters maybe even Petsmart on certain days and get discounted vaccinations. It's time for Hendrix's yearly visit. I was thinking of getting what vaccinations I could from a shelter or "free clinic day" and then going to the vet for the rest, plus his yearly visit for a check up.

Does anyone know of such places?
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In the spring and fall they have rabies clinics, where you can get a rabies shot for a discounted price.

Some places also offer the other vacc. at this time, but not everyone.

You would have to check with your state and county, to see when it's being offered.
A coworker was telling me that PetCo has a clinic day. Has anyone gone to the PetCo clinic day?

The superdog package includes...

3 Year Rabies Vaccine
3 Year Rabies Tag – It’s $10 for my county per year, so $30 for tags
Heart Worm Test
6 in 1 vaccine
The above package is $61, add $30 for tags, comes out to $91.

Fecal Float is an additional $12
I haven't heard of that, I'm not sure we have a PETCO. But that would be a great price. I thinbk my last VET visit that covered all that for both dogs was well over $300.00.
Our local low cost spay and neuter place offers,
3 yr Rabies $8
6 in 1 combo and the rest for $10 each
I've known of several clinics, including the shelters that offer discounted prices certain times of the year. I've ran into clinics that offer discounted prices every Sat too. It's always good to call around and find out. I'm always down for cheaper!
I have to chime in with my usual advice, get only the rabies vaccination. The corona virus vaccination is worthless. Bordetella is only recommended for high risk dogs. Those in kennels etc. I have also heard that topically administered vaccinations are more effective. My interest in this topic is that my second OES died from a vaccination reaction and it was pretty gruesome.
None of them offer lower costs vaccinations here (or at least publicize it - lol). Brees just got her final round of shots last week though, and they were only $45 so I can't complain.
Here's my invoice from last year...
Exam - $30
Rabies 1 year - $22
Rabies Tag - $10 for 1 year
Dist/Adeno/Para/Parvo Annual - $27
Bordetella - $21
Heartworm - 3DX - $38
Fecal Float - $18.5
Deworming x 2 >/=50# - $23.5

TOTAL $190
Why are you buying the Rabies tag- don't you get the tag when you get the shot?
We get the tag with the shot.
I take my dogs to PETCO for their shots. The Petco that I go to has a vet administer the shots. The vet does a general lookover of the dogs, teeth, heart, general feeling all around their bodies, ears, etc. If they do come across a medical situation that needs to be addressed they will tell you to take your dog to your regular vet. When my dogs do get their shots they get it all, plus heartworm checked, heartworm pills, dewormed all for a fraction of the cost I would pay at a regular vet. Just keep the shot record they give you and if you need to go to your regular vet just present it to show your dogs are updated on their shots. I also get a call from Petco every year reminding me that their yearly visit is due.

I have a friend of mine that is a vet and she has told me that vaccinations are the bread and butter of the vet hospitals and that the vet pays cents for the vaccinations that they charge you and I dollars for.

Good Luck. I hope that helped.
got sheep wrote:
Why are you buying the Rabies tag- don't you get the tag when you get the shot?
We get the tag with the shot.

We get it with the shot also.
I guess that's the stinker of living in my county, I have to pay for the tags. ANOTHER additional fee.

Jack, thanks for the scoop on vaccinations at PetCo. Do you typically go to your regular vet after going to PetCo or no? From the sound of it, they do a quick check and seems to suffice. If I had bigger issues with Hendrix I would take him to his regular vet anyways. Did you do a Fecal Float at Petco?
We have to pay the vet for the Rabies shot, then send the county $10 for a "license", which is the rabies tag. It's a sliding scale, neutered/spayed dogs cost less than intact dogs.
Ahhh ok, we pay for the rabies shot which includes a tag. With a valid rabies tag/certificate, you can get your town license for $6 (neutered male). The price is higher for intact dogs.
Oh and we need to pay $10 for a city license too, yet another additional cost.
Hendrix's Mom,

I do not take my dogs to a regular vet after going to PETCO. I find that the vet, at the PETCO I go to, will answer any questions that I may have regarding my dogs health but they are there strictly to administer vaccinations. I find the going over that my dogs get at PETCO is about the same that a regular vet would give. I am also well in tune with my dogs so I know if something may be wrong healthwise that would need veterinary care. The BIG plus of PETCO is the cost. But I do have to tell you that if I could find a vet that would match Petco's cost and delete their office charge I would go to them. I would like to have just one vet who knows my dogs and their medical history, that I could take to for all of their medical needs and who I would be able to call in the event of any minor or major medical emergency. My dogs are getting older and so far I have been quite lucky not to have any real health issues.

I hope that helped.
i went to the local spca they have a clinic for rabies was 5.00 .. we also in fla have a traveling vet that coming around to pet shops call of few of them
What everyone does not realize is that by using this group for vaccines you are driving up the cost of everything else. If your pet gets sick the diagnostic costs will be three or four times higher than they have been. A veterinarian is going to have to make money some how. If you want to save on vaccines fine but don't complain when you pet is sick and the bill is higher than in the past.
I don't think for one second that these rabies clinics and/or shot
days at a petco have any impact on my vet's prices. Not any more
than free or low cost clinics have on my healthcare costs.
This is a time when you do what you have to do to make it. I'm glad
you aren't in the same boat as the rest of us guest. For most of us
it's not as easy as that.

CheapShots does a 3 year rabies shot with tag, 5 in 1, Bordetella and heartworm test for $64.00 and sometimes even $54.00 if they are doing their free rabies shot special. Check out their website at for other packages. They are so professional and friendly. I heard they are starting spay-neuter-denials too!

Editor's note: Cheapshots is located in Florida.
I know this forum is old but thanks to some answers in here. I went and check out Petco and they had a clinic the next day. They have one once a month. It was great. I have two kittens they needed their first vaccine. it cost me 33.00 each and microchip for $15 each I am just glad I did it. The package with deworming costs $55.00 but we had them do that at the vet already so they only charged us the vaccines which was honest.
Thank you everyone!
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