Bringing Dog into Canada from USA?

Hi Everyone! On my trip to New York I will also be headed up to Ontario Canada, where my parents have a second home. I know when we used to bring up our other OES we needed papers for him, but my parents don't remember what I may need exactly. Does anyone know? I know I need the rabies certification, but anything else?
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To the best of our (Joan and my) recollection(s), all you need is the rabies certificate.

You need your own birth certificate and license to get back into the US. (We've never been asked for our birth certificates, so... bring it anyway if you've got it.) Don't bring any kind of weapon (no pepper spray, or handguns) into Canada. Don't bring in lots of cigarettes (I'm not sure, but I think the limit is 1 carton per adult)...they may check you out more closely going into Canada since you're from or travelled through a tobacco state!

Have a great trip!
I think the limit is 1 carton per adult

And for children?

*Groan* Sorry- that was bad. Even for me.
Thanks for the info Ron. I have traveled up to Canada hundreds of times, but never with Max since he is a new addition. I have the rabies records and just wanted to be sure nothing else was needed. It was funny the last time I was up there, after years of crossing the border all summer long, I crossed with my SC plates on my car and the only question I was asked if I had a gun in the car :? . Not all southerners have guns :lol:
We were generally treated well crossing the boarder into Canada -- sometimes too well-- in our motorhome(s).

Occasionally we were grilled about tobacco and firearms. Most heavily about firearms once.

Once our refrigerator was searched for contraband beef on the way back into the states. Lost a nice pound of Roast Beef, but we may have forgotted to show him that nice rib-eye... I'm not sure...
Hi Shelly,

Just to be safe I would also have a checkup at your vets office and ask for a letter deeming your pet has a clean bill of health. A rabies certificate is a must. Pups under 3 months are not required to have a rabies shot but need a health certificate (usually not asked for) but better safe than sorry.

I brought Merlin into Canada from the US when he was 8 wks and called Canada Customs to be sure exactly what documentation I needed - they advised a note from the vet.

When Panda arrived from Hong Kong he too needed a health certificate.

Most people think it's just the rabies shot that is required but if you get a picky customs person they will hold your pet at the boarder until the vet can check them a worse case scenerio it may not be until the next day. So as I said better always to be extra cautious. Hopefully I'm not giving you the wrong info and pehaps call Canada Customs and ask as at the time neither Merlin or Panda were previously owned by me and that could have been why they needed a health certificate.

:O) Hope that helps
Most of the time when my ex would have friends of his come into Canada from Michigan (we lived right near the border) they were getting together to go hunting. They were grilled and searched, and had to provide up to date health cerificates and proof of vaccinations for all of their dogs. Our sheepie copied the labs and tried to become a soft-mouthed retriever...LOL... Canada customs had more problems with the guns than the dogs, but when my ex would go to the states to go hunting with them, he was asked more about the dogs than his guns.
Which may have been because you don't often see an OES as a hunting companion! :lol:
OK, so all you need is a vaccine certificate, right? I'm flying to Montreal next week with my puppy.
When we bring rescue dogs up cross the border we are only asked for rabies, and proof of ownership.

I will also be headed up to Ontario Canada, where my parents have a second home

If you are going to be anywhere near Toronto maybe a playdate is in order? :D
Here is a link to the Canadian government site... ... ogse.shtml
All you need is a record of their shots and even then, they probably won't ask for it. Jil and I had no problem with Bentley when we went to pick him up from Canada and I took Clyde with me to Windsor once to drop something off for a friend. So once going out, once going in. Neither was a problem. Canada doesn't care. :twisted:
If you are flying the Airline will require a health certificate signed within 10 days of travel by your Vet.
also dont bring any 222's back to the US!!let me tell ya they will treat ya like you just killed someone!!!

in october me and my friend who goes too canada all the time anyways we went shopping for yummy canada snacks,well also we bought some 222's,the boarder control treated us like we had herion n us!!! 8O 8O

you can bring some back 50pills a person,but we had like 5bottles!!LOL!!!Long story short they didnt find all ur bottles,and now we laugh at the whole thing at the time I thought I was going too do major time for some asprin w/ a low% of codene in them!!!
OK, what's a 222?
It's tylenol (I think, maybe buffered aspirin) with a little codeine in it-- you don't have to have a prescription for it over there (those wild Canadians!). The crazy old receptionist in my office is always pushing them on people as some wonder drug. Her and her wacky jazzercise buddies go to Windsor and bring them back. I took a couple once when I had a plain old headache and they're about as good as an aspirin. I don't think they're worth the trip over the border!
222. HAHAHA.. Baba's drug of choice. Whenever I'm in the states I buy Aleve and Prilosec. Swear by both.
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