Smell from car vents--like burning oil

Had the oil changed Tuesday night. Yesterday (Thursday) when I was at a stoplight, I smelled an odor like turpentine coming from the car vents. I had the heat on. It dissipated when I was driving. I got home and looked under the hood, hoping to find whatever (not that I know what I'm looking for). I checked the oil and the level was fine, but the smell is definitely oil. Same thing happened on the way to work today, but the smell wasn't as strong.

Could oil have spilled onto something under the hood and is burning off and it will not be a problem? Or should I be taking it straight to Tuffy's for a check-up? I'm a hypochondriac about my car.
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If they spilled oil while pouring it in - you will smell a nasty burned oil smell.
Have you checked the dipstick to make sure they didn't overfill it and that's why it smells? If it's over the mark, you should go back and have them drain a bit out.
If it is from oil spilled during the change the smell will burn off quickly. You might want to make sure the ail fileter is is on properly and everything is nice a tight. I have had them not put the oil filter on tightly enough and you lose your oil FAST.
Also check to make sure the actual cap is on tight. If it leaks and burns on top off of the cover, it'll reek pretty bad too.
Boy, are we a bunch of smart chicks!! :D :D
It's probably just a spill, but BRING IT BACK TO THEM to have them double check that everything is OK.
Took it back this morning and fortunately it was just a spill. All cleaned up now.
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