How to Deep Fry a Turkey in a Deep Fat Fryer!

Last year I asked for recipes and advice on deep frying a turkey. I'm still thinking about it!

Here's one great sounding recipe I've come up with. Please post more recipes for deep frying a turkey! Also, I'm guessing that this is the right amount of oil for a 40 quart deep fryer ???? Anyone know where you can buy a good turkey deep fryer online?

Cajun Style -- Deep Fried Turkey -- Cajun Style

5 - 6 gallons Peanut oil
8 -14 lb Whole Turkey, preferably fresh but fully thawed if previously frozen
6 tsp Sea Salt
6 tsp Paprika
6 tsp White Pepper
6 tsp Cayenne pepper (powder)
6 tsp Monosodium Glutimate (MSG) (i.e. Adolph's Meat Tenderizer or similar) OPTIONAL
16 oz Liquid crab boil concentrate (Zatarain's is a good choice)

Rinse turkey inside and out.
Create marinade by mixing 1 part crab boil concentrate to 4 parts water. Combine dry ingredients with crab boil marinade.
Salt and season further to taste.
Inject turkey every 2 inches with solution using injector syringe (available from kitchen stores such as Williams Sonoma.)
Cover seasoned and injected turkey with foil and marinate in the refrigerator over night.

CAUTIONS: Do not try this inside or near flammable objects, like on your wooden deck or next to your vinyl-sided home... Wear protective gloves and clothing, including eye protection and boots!!! This is not the "safest" method of cooking. If you're not really good with your hands, please consider oven roasting. ;)

Most deep friers have large open flames, and all oils are flammable in nature. Use extreme caution to not splash the oil out of the pot while the flame is on, such as when putting the turkey into the pot, or taking the turkey out of the pot. Ensure that family Sheepdog is not bounding around the area where the cooking is being done.

Use an oil (or candy) thermometer to monitor the oil for cooking temperature as well as to prevent smoking and/or fire. Peanut Oil will start to smoke around 425F/215C (some as high as 450F (230C) ). Old, used Peanut oil may smoke before it even hits 375F/190C. If your oil is smoking at that low of a temperature, toss it out and start again. Your turkey will taste terrible if your oil smokes. Peanut Oil may ignite if the temperature goes beyond 600F/315C even if not exposed to open flame.

That said, heat the peanut oil to 375F/190C. This probably will take 45 minutes to an hour, but keep an eye on it.

Dry turkey inside and out, then put it in the basket or on the stand/holder and CAREFULLY lower it into the pot. Cook 5 minutes per pound. Watch temperature carefully to avoid going below 340. Check after 4 minutes per pound with a meat thermometer. Temperature should be 180 in the thigh, or fry to an internal temperature of 170 in the breast.

Carefully remove turkey from oil and allow to drain for 3 or 4 minutes. Remove turkey from the basket or stand and allow to rest on a platter for a good 20 minutes before carving, or you'll just have a shredded mess on your hands.

Enjoy your family get together!

Below is a link to info on deep frying, deep frying equipment and deep frying techniques.
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I saw Martha Stewart do a deep fried turkey on her show once!

She doesn't use a large deep fryer. She just uses a large (10-gallon) pot with a liner basket.
This is a really intriguing idea. A lot faster that's for sure....

I don't think I'd like cajun flavors for Xmas though :lol:
Billy makes deep fried turkey for Thanksgiving.
His Mom usually makes a regular Turkey. So far even the people that said that they didn't want to eat deep fried Turkey, ate it and nobody even touches the other bird. lol
Doug is a turkey frying EXPERT :hearts: , I've told you all that he can do ANYTHING!!!! We do one several times a year. Personally I prefer the UNFLAVORED turkey but Doug really likes the cajun flavoring.

The biggest problem with frying a turkey is it takes so darn much oil, thereisn't alot you can do with the leftover oil once you have fried the turkey. We have strained it and kept it in the fridge but you have to use it again fairly soon.
What about deep frying a whole chicken? Has anyone done that?
Yup, it is pretty good. The only problem is that the chicken is small so the drum sticks and wings are pretty much no good by the time the breast is done.

We have also deep friend a prime rib, a pork roast and a venison roast. All were good. You just need to be sure and have a good meat thermometer.
fried turkey is amazing but it's crazy to do it in a pot over fire - Such a mess, such a mess, such danger. The only way to it is with an electric turkey fryer indoor - works like a french fry fryer
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Oh it's so good! But we always use the big deep fryer pot for outdoors. I think you get them at home depot. I would not do it indoors! It's definitely great and not greasy like you would think.m just be careful to not over do it, they can dry out fast!

Good luck!
It's very simple to avoid a fire.
Get the oil up to proper temp, SHUT OFF THE GAS, slowly insert Turkey into fryer, then relight the gas once the bird is fully submerged.
This is the ONLY way my husband has been doing it. And he has been doing it for years.
Pepsi's Mommy wrote:
It's very simple to avoid a fire.
Get the oil up to proper temp, SHUT OFF THE GAS, slowly insert Turkey into fryer, then relight the gas once the bird is fully submerged.
This is the ONLY way my husband has been doing it. And he has been doing it for years.

Hey E,

How are you? Where have you been? I miss your posts. Why don't you post any more? Please come back would love to hear what you're up to!
Missed you too! We were in Vegas last January and I thought of you then.
I posted last week about an incident here.
Not much going on here same old, same old.
How r you?
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