How to remove burnt smell from house

My son made toast this morning, forgot about it, and it burnt, REALLY bad.
Smoke all through the house, and that strong burnt toast smell.
Anyone know how I can get it out faster? I have windows and doors open, and a fan going, but there is no breeze outside today so it's not helping much.

Anything that will absorb it maybe (the smell)?
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Febreeze works great
Put white vinegar in bowls all around the house. That will pull the smell out. Works great on cigarette smoke too.
I did this with popcorn a few weeks ago . . . :oops:

Vinegar is a good suggestion, as is a cut onion open to the air - it is supposed to soak up the smell (or leave it's own . . .) :wink:

Lots of air on . . .
vanilla extract (the real stuff) works wonders - just a few drops on
a few cotton balls. If the actual smoke has gotten into carpet or
fabric it will take a while to air out and short of cleaning those or
wiping surfaces down I would try vanilla first. But that's me... (It
also helps reduce the smell of paint (water based) when added to the paint can before painting.)

Thanks, some great suggestions.
Febreeze makes me sneeze, so I think I'll try vinegar, and then maybe vanilla on cotton balls to get rid of the vinegar smell LOL :lol:
How about OUST? The white top is a "non" fragrance.
I hope the vinegar worked. It is great because unlike something you spray in the air it won't effect people with allergies and sensitivities. My parents used to have a huge Christmas Party every year and at the end of the night my mom would put bowls of white vinegar all around the house. By morning the cigarette smoke smell was completely gone.
I did use the vinegar, and it worked wonders! :)

I put some vanilla on a cotton ball too, but I'm not crazy about vanilla, so I decided to go buy some scented candles as well. :)
That's a great tip, Amanda. I'll have to remember that one. I never thought of using vinegar to remove odors in the air. I use it to clean the washing machine and coffee maker all the time. Makes perfect sense!
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