Licking at Stitches

Hi. My Miley just was spayed yesterday. She is biting and licking her stitches. I had the vet check them this moring and they look good but she is fussing them. I put on a E-collar and its does stop the licking but she does not like it. I was wondering if anyone had any other tips.

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Not much help, but if you can hang in there for a little longer, your baby should be fine. The e-collar, though your sheepie hates it, won't kill her, so I would put it on if she won't stop licking.

My dog did the same thing, and I was just on her like a hawk. She didn't have an e-collar, but I didn't leave her alone for a second.

Hope she heals fast~
After our Zoe was spayed she had an allergic reaction to the stitches. In order to keep her from biting we were told to put a T-shirt on her. It works and she looked really cute. Hope it works for you.
Do not let her lick!!! Paige worried her stitches and the developed large lumps around the stitches. Not only were the stitches a bear to remove, the lumps never went away! The e-collar is a pain for all, 2 and 4 pawed, but it's only for a short time. Your walls can be repaired and your shins will heal..........
I tell you, nobody prepared me for this. I have a 6lb chihuahua who got fixed Tuesday. Today is Thursday. I have slept four hours total. HIs testicles had not dropped either and he had those removed internally and three teeth. He is out of his mind with anguish and as I live alone this has been tremendously exhausting and infuriating. I would have paid a king's ransom to have somebody else do what I am doing now, because when you love something that is so little and try to put a piece of plastic around their tiny necks, pills in their food and assist their vomiting and runny shits, wipe their bottoms and soothe their weary souls, you kind of loose your mind. Neither the vets nor the unresponsive technicians, the friends that say call if you need anything help, because it is a gut-wrenching process. There is a need here folks, a gap if you will, for a place where pets can go, with professionals that will do this job for you and send you home, possibly a week to two weeks later with a completely healthy pet and you will have slept and will be ready to welcome him or her back into your home. I wish you all well and and a prescription for yourself.
Next time someone calls and says "Let me know if there's anything I can do" try saying "Would you mind coming over and helping me for a little bit? I'm exhausted." I think you'll be surprised -- many will say "SURE!!!"

They won't come if you don't ask... and they DID ask you to ask them!

My sympathies to you. Really.
The E-collar is your best bet.

It is a difficult weekd for sure but it will come to an end!!!

Hugs to both you Monster MOm and our guest!
i know your pain derby is licking his stiches right now i have been up alll nite too
my dog had a tumor removed, and after two days the vet said to take the bandage off, and when i did, he licked the stitches constantly. This worried me, so I called the vet and they said to bring him in and they would re-bandage it. That was on a Friday. Tuesday I wanted to take the bandage off to let air get to it to help with healing.. again he licked at the stitches constantly. I called the vet's office and they said I had to re-bandage it or get an e-collar. I took him to the vet and they fitted him for the e-collar. He needed to keep the bandage off (at least periodically), but I couldn't leave him alone, for fear he'd tear the stitches out. He did fine with the e-collar, he bumped into door facings etc. but he handled it well, like a trooper. He is a big dog, a lab mix.
I forgot to mention, the tumor was on the inside of his front leg.
There is a soft e collar called the Comfy Cone - available at most Pet Co's. We used it and loved it. Dog was much more comfortable and there wasn't the banging around, knocking walls, banging legs, etc you get with the big plastic "lampshade".

We tried the "bite not" collar they ahve at PtCo also but didn't work well. What we used was called a Comfy Cone.
I put the Comfy Cone on Jack the other night because he was into eating his hair and licking his "extra toe". Yeah, he has a tiny toe on top of another. Anyway, the noise was keeping me awake. He settled immediately and we all slept well, and the walls didn't get dinged from the heavy plastic E-Collar. At first I didn't like the Comfy Cone, but what a blessing it has become.
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