Ever wonder WHO Mr Mugs is?

Some here know this character from school days...back in the late 70's I learned to read by these books at school and I found them online a couple years ago from a bookstore of rare books.

Just thought some of you who may hear "Oh look Mr Mugs"...aside from the Shaggy Dog this character was a huge thing in my world. Making me want one for most of my life.

The story is his parents buy the dog, the dog has to come to him via a jet, and they pick him up at the airport...making him a jet pet.

My Collection:


The book with every page about Mr Mugs:


Inside this book:



The other books have many other short stories, with only one about Mr Mugs:

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Thanks! I had never seen this until one day on eBay. It's great you have all the books for your kids to read too!
LOL. I learned to read with Mr. Mugs too. My sister uses them with her special needs kids. Everyone always says to me "Look its Mr. Mugs". I love those books.
They kind of replaced the Dick and Jane books, it is funny to read some of these stories now and again today completely different.
They look cute, as well as very sheepie! Are they Canadian books? - I've never seen them before.
They are Canadian books, published by Ginn and Company, a divison of Xerox. circa 1976
How adorable and they look perfect for Jake right now as a beginning reader. :) I'll have to search for some on ebay.
How fun! Very cute.
Poor Mr. Muggs--he got kidnapped!
I've never seen these books either. They're very nice, though. I'd enjoy having them to read to my niece and nephews. :P
I love Mr Muggs!!!

Thanks Daisie for providing some titles as I was only aware of one or two of them.

Marianne and the boys
Those are amazing. I've never seen them before.
I've never heard of Mr. Mugs before. He looks like a cute character!
Since they are Canadian books, do they teach the kids to end their sentences with "eh"? :twisted:

I think I see a chance for Ron to insert here that if you decide to buy these books on Amazon that you need to go through oes.org link so he gets the money. I did a quick search and there are a couple available.
I just did a quick search and couldn't find them on Amazon. Maybe some will be around on Ebay? They're beautiful books!
Mr. Mugs has kind of a mullet going on. :twisted:
Ah I didn't know they were just Canadian. So I guess the rest of you (non-Canadians) don't get that when you go out LOOK! it is Mr. Mugs!!! haha!

You know I never imagined how much attention I would get with Laika. I live in a small town, and even when I go into the city. I am surrounded by people taking pictures even. I say if I need to go somewhere fast never take the dog. It is fun though I get to meet lots of people.
spacegirl21 wrote:
Ah I didn't know they were just Canadian. So I guess the rest of you (non-Canadians) don't get that when you go out LOOK! it is Mr. Mugs!!! haha!

I get the "Look, it's Mr. Mugs" all the time too - but until yesterday I had no idea who Mr. Mugs was. Maybe I'm too young?!
Hi there, I grew up with Mr. Mugs in the 70's too. I have very few memories of my childhood, but this one was enjoyable! Just bought my first copy today! I will pass them down to my Grandchild Tallie! I'm so happy and had a good cry too!
I see it on ebay and may have to get some! ...although w/these new guidelines about what you can sell, are they allowed to sell books this old? I better hurry. ;)
I would love to start collecting them for my "one day in the future" grandchildren.

How precious!
That's how I learnt my english, is through these books in school. When people ask me what kind of breed he is and they don't understand either berger anglais or oes, then I say remember when in school....Mr Muggs.. I always get AHH YESSSS ! unless they are in their 20's then they say uh no it wasn't in my mom's time :roll:
Joahaeyo wrote:
...although w/these new guidelines about what you can sell, are they allowed to sell books this old? I better hurry. ;)

Fitz gets "Oh look, it's Mr. Mugs!" almost as much as he gets "Oh look, it's the Shaggy Dog!" and a bit more than he gets "Oh look, it's the Dulux dog!" I can tell people's age and country of origin just from their comments. :D
I'm really happy to see this again, I always did miss it. It brings back memories now... I hope we're not the only ones who will ever know who Mr. Muggs was, I wish they would bring him back.
don't think they ever sent any to the u.s., must not have wanted us speakin the same, eh?
thanks for sharing them now. :D
I grew up on Mr. Mugs books! In fact, they are the reason I wanted a sheepie.

Rudy has a post about it in his blog (www.ruddocksblog.blogspot.com) , but it's back a few weeks (or more). That Mr. Mugs IS a jet pet! (That's an inside joke...)

And yes, it was a Canadian thing, published by Ginn.

I always say that I paid careful attention in school and learned a lot from Mr. Mugs. And I asked my mom to get one, but she only liked little dogs (sigh) that pass for slippers or rats. So, when I first moved out I got a sheepie.

And we've never, ever looked back.
" but she only liked little dogs (sigh) that pass for slippers or rats"

omg :cow:

oh, teach, that was so not p.c.!!
butt funny!!

good thing i'm a guest, i'll have to remain that way so nobody knows i'm agreeing with such. :D
Um, no, not pc, but not entirely untrue...

(In defending myself, my folks were never really into training their small dogs when I was younger (it's apparently cute when the blood dripping wounds are coming from the bite of a little dog) so they fell into the sub category of sabre toothed slippers, to be accurate.)

And, in the interest of full disclosure, for the first several months of Hudson's life, I was convinced he was a rat in a dog suit. Fortunately, he's recovered from that period, and we only speak of it in whispers from time to time when there are no recording devices nearby and the room's been swept for bugs.
Hi all you Mr Mugs lovers,

I was able to get a hold of an original 1966 edition of "Meet Mr Mugs". I gave it to my friend Louis Ferreira, a Canadian actor who also learned to read with Mr Mugs. He was kind enough to do a dramatic reading of the book, and I have turned it into a short movie. You can watch it here at the Ferreira Fest June newsletter: http://ferreira-fest.livejournal.com/17071.html


Hey everyone, i found a website that sells these books relatively inexpensive and ships to Canada. i just bought 6 for my son!! I grew up reading Mr. Mugs as well and I am shocked at how many people have not heard of him. The site is AbeBooks.com hope you find something you like. I also found them on Amazon.ca, but very costly.
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