How to use a styptic pencil?

Dainty Chummie seems to have broken a nail and is trailing blood in our fancy hotel room. I have a first aid kit with a styptic pencil but I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do with it. It is very hard and the material does not seem to be coming off onto the wounded nail. Am I supposed to wet it or hold it against the flowing blood or what? Any help would be most appreciated. I dabbed at it with some toilet paper and that seemed to help a bit. . .
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With a pencil, you can stick the nail right in the tube to stop the bleeding. I've never had to use it but it's what I could find (it's about igunas but the concept is the same!). I hope it helps.
Maybe I am not looking at the right thing. The thing I have looks like a piece of very hard chalk with a point on it. It is not powdery or in a tube. . .

I have one that I use for shaving cuts. It's an aluminum something or other I believe.

The way it is used on skin is moistening the stick and rubbing it on the cut. It stings just a little bit, but not terribly. The chemical clots the blood or cauterizes the wound. I've had the same stick for probably more than 20 years. I don't cut myself very often at all, but even when used, not much of it gets used up.

For nails, I think the groomers have some styptic powder in a short, wide mouthed jar that they plunge the nail into.
There is powder and liquid for dog nails. With a stick I would wet the
end and give it a minute to soften a bit then rub it hard with a finger
covered with a washcloth. That should get enough on the washcloth,
then just hold it to the nail for a few seconds. That should be enough
to stop the bleeding. If it is really torn, I don't know what you can do.
Nails tend to really bleed a lot, even if they aren't cut deep.
I hope that helps! I hate when that happens. The sheer amount of
blood makes me feel bad, even if I know it didn't hurt the dog.
Tucker seems to be forever breaking nails. I have found 2 in the last
week. One Zeke was chewing up and the other was just laying on the
floor. By some miracle though he rarely bleeds from it. I'd never be
done cleaning up the blood!


I was just thinking, maybe you could 'powder it" by rubbing it dry on
an emery board or some such? Then just pack it onto the broken
If she will stay fairly quiet, plain old flour works in a pinch! (it doesn't work if they are running around and wear the flour off before the blood can clot.)
I pour out a bit of powder into the cap and put the dog's nail into the powder and hold it there. That way I can throw away any bloody powder that didn't adhere to the nail.

Yeah, those styptic pencils last a long time. My husband swishes the end in water and then dabs the cut, waits a moment and then carefully wipes away any excess water around the site. I've tried the pencil on dogs, the powder was easier.
I use the pencil on myself....yes, i am clumsy....wet and rub on boo-boo..will sting a bit...but stops bleeding almost immediately. Panda, I use the powder, dip nail right in the powder....if you only have the pencil...scrape some off to make a powder, wet with a tissue and put right into the cut or nail....will stop most of the time...may have to reapply again if you cut too close.
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