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Hi Carolyn,

Let me say at the outset that I have no experience with deaf dogs. I hope that other folks with deaf OESs will respond to your question with more authority than I have.

Just like any dog, I would imagine that a deaf dog would require correction to stop an undesirable action. Are you doing visual reprimand of some sort? How do you teach your dog not to do other things?

I wonder if a No Bark Collar is advisable for such a young dog.
Max loves barking at cars and running back and forth inside the fence when they pass. I'm waiting for the neighbors to complain. Do the anti-bark collars work? I'm thinking of going that route unless someone has a better suggestion.
Yes, Mr. Bark Collar works well, and is used quite a bit by rescue foster homes, from what I hear.

I don't know what brands they use, tho...
I was terribly opposed to using a "bark collar" (actually an anti-bark collar) until I had a foster OES that barked non-stop, and I do really mean non-stop, which was one of the reasons she ended up in Rescue in the first place. Clearly we wouldn't be able to place her in a "furever" home until we addressed the barking problem.

I started out with the method of teaching her to bark "speak" on command, then quiet "no speak" on command. It was very slow going and sleep was impossible if she was displeased and speaking.

So, I resorted to Mr. Bark Collar. There are at least two kinds that I am aware of. One works on the principle that when the dog barks, the vibration activates a small shock. The second type works on the principle that when the dog barks, the vibration causes the collar to spray (citronella, I think) up at the dog's eyes/nose. There are other anti-bark devices that emit a tone but I have not found them to be effective.

I opted for the shock collar and I think there are reasonably priced models from Innotek available on the internet. I have the most basic model, it has several levels of "correction" but I usually only use the mildest level. What is useful is that the collar consistently provides the correction -- and the dog associates the barking with a correction. You do need to follow the directions for using the collar, getting the dog used to wearing it, and following the instructions for training.

I still feel terrible using aversive methods for training, but I must say, that the training went very rapidly. The dog stopped the constant barking within the first day, and stopped most random barking within two days. After that, if she started a barking episode, I just had to hold up the collar, and say "no speak". Of course, during the process when she was quiet after the "no speak" command, I would say "good no speak" and give her a treat.

Happily, she now has a permanent home and barking is not a problem. I would certainly try Mr. Bark Collar before I gave up on a dog, or had a surgical procedure performed (I've met OES with their vocal chords cut).

Hope this helps

Innotek Basic No-Bark Collar

I finally gave up and got Truman a bark collar. It worked like a charm. When he has his now infrequent barking jags, I put the collar on him and he maybe barks one time and that's it. I hated to do it this way but nothing else worked. He's pretty good about barking now. I don't use it when he's barking at something outside or alerting us that someone is at the door, etc. Only when he barks inappropriately which is now pretty rare.

[Here are a few types of "no bark collars":
Innotek Basic No-Bark Collar ("Bark Inhibitor") (less than $40)
Innotek Free Spirit Automatic No-Bark Collar (about $50)
Innotek Advanced No-Bark Collar - Set It and Forget It! (About $80)
I tried the water pistol method too. Unfortunately, Truman thought it was great fun and tried to catch the stream of water in his mouth! I also tried the pennies in the tin can method and that didn't faze him either. We have no problems with barking now and had to use the bark collar only 2 times!

[Here are a few types of "no bark collars":
Innotek Basic No-Bark Collar ("Bark Inhibitor") (less than $40)
Innotek Free Spirit Automatic No-Bark Collar (about $50)
Innotek Advanced No-Bark Collar - Set It and Forget It! (About $80)
We have the same problem with Truman. When he rides in the car, he barks at pedestrians, people on bycicles and if the sees someone on a motorcycle - forget it! He goes beserk! The only thing we haven't tried is his bark collar. I know that works as he no longer goes on barking marathons in the house. All we have to do is show him the collar and he quits barking. (When he bugs the cat, we lay the collar by the cat and he leaves him alone!) The "no bark" command doesn't work in the car (probably because he can't hear us over his barking). Therefore, the treats/praise method really hasn't worked for us. We may have to resort to the bark collar on short rides to see if that helps. I hate to do that but..... any other ideas?

Congrats on your new addition! She's experiencing seperation anxiety. It may have been something she's always had - or it could be something that's developed due to her being given up. One thing you should do is be sure to build her confidence and reassure her that you are coming back! You can also try some Rescue Remedy to relax her / settle her down. They also sell some contraption that releases a scent to relax dogs that have seperation anxiety - but I'm not sure where you can get them. I think they plug into a socket - similar to a Air Freshener - but they release a pheromone (? sp).

Lastly, if necessary - you may have to resort to a Bark Collar - not everyone likes using them - but in some cases where the dog is causing a problem with neighbors and could be deemed a "nuisance" - it may be necessary. When the dog barks - it gives them a little zap (similar to how the electric fence works - when they go over the edge - it gives them a zap).

If that doesn't work - you could always get her a friend! Wink

Best of Luck!
With Bella we are having to crate train her. I put toys and stuff to keep her busy and I leave the TV on Disney. I warned the neighbors (well the ones on one side that i like anyway Embarassed ) and after a few days she has been good. If i give her free range of the house she gets out. She can open EVERY window in this house.

Neville I had to use the bark collar. The neighbor (that i like) and i talked and told me that he was barking all day while i was gone. Even with Erised in the yard too. After about a week with the collar he stopped.
If you decide to use the bark collar let me know. You can have Nev's we haven't needed it since. Very Happy
I had to use a bark collar on Mickey too, for exactly the same reason. Sad
It sort of worked, but she was a smart dog, and learned quickly that is she barked when the collar was on, it would zap her, but if the collar was off she knew she could bark. One day my ex was playing around and the prongs of the collar hit my thigh, I was wearing shorts, so it hit bare skin. It HURT. A LOT. I will NEVER use one of those things ever again. I do understand that sometimes extreme measures are necessary, but in my opinion it should be a last resort. And, I recommend trying it on yourself before you put it on your dog. Just whack it against your leg. It may make you think twice...
I was reading this old post about bark collars....cause Lola seems to be barking more and more.
Has anyone tried the sonic collars? Do they work? I really hate to use a shock collar and the citronella ones are so expensive.

She sometimes responds to the penny can. But we're having problems when she's in the yard. She barks at all the neighbors for attention and sometimes I think for the fun of it. Also she is barking at obedience class all the time (I think she is trying to herd there). But I need to nip this in the bud before it gets worse.

I haven't had much luck teaching her to speak on command Embarassed maybe I wasn't consistent enough.

Any help would be appreciated by ours and our neighbors ears.

well my OES Mickey doesnt bark alot by any means,BUT my collie BARKS ALL the time!!!My 1st collie barked ALL the time also.I do know collies are very vocal.It is bred in them to be vocal,ex. alerting the family of wolves or any other preditor.When my 1st collie got older he was a bit easier to train to not bark on command,but Jagger(my collie now)he goes outside and runs at full spped to "his" spot and just barks at the blk lad 2houses down.Im aware of bark collars,and other devices,but I dont like those devices that train w/ pain,so most of the time I just "deal" w/ it,but if Im outside w/ him I tell him NO!and he pretty much will stop fora bit atleast.

the funny thing is a collies bark is VERY detechable seems everyone knows a collie bark,must be that darn LASSIE!! Rolling Eyes so it isnt like we can say will it wasnt my dog barking.LOL!!

so i guess my advice is take him to a class,or I should add I do have a muzzle for when JAgger is out of control,he sees that and he clams up,so maybe try a muzzle,make sure it fits perfectly tho other wise it wont work.
Good luck Very Happy
So far, so good. There is a door on the bottom where the tray slides out, so I had to clip it shut. No damage or poopies in the crate this week. He gets a kong in there with him in the morning.

He *does* make a bit more noise in the new crate. If I don't put the bark collar on him, he'll start barking his head off as soon as I close the front door. sigh...

In other news, I bought a swiffer this week. It's great at picking up those tumbleweeds that hide in the corners.
One word: Mr. Bark Collar.

Ok, three words.

G/A, who hates a barking dog in her house, yet takes in many many dogs every year for foster care, uses Mr. Bark Collar for incessant barkers.

Maybe Frazzle(d neveres) needs a little more time, though.

Ok Ron! Now you've got my curiosity peaked... what's a Mr Bark Collar?

Karen Smile

Iriskmj wrote:
Ok Ron! Now you've got my curiosity peaked... what's a Mr Bark Collar?

Karen Smile
Something like this...
Innotek Basic No-Bark Collar

(not an endorsement of this product... I'm not familiar with bark collars., just for a picture)
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the water bottle thing didn't work for us. The problem? - Charlie LOVES water Exclamation - however he can get it!

You can try the bark collar but we had a problem when we had 2 dogs - I guess my lab didn't like that the collar was on our other dog and "tweeking" him, so he ate it off of him - twice!

The best thing I found was to simply be firm and show the dog when it is more appropriate to bark. They usually respond well, But again, that's their way of communicating - it's just nature.
Thanks so much for all of your replies. It is sucha help. I know all about not running a puppy, I actually am not sure if I would run an adult sheepie as they get so hot.

I guess I am just so afraid of the barking. My apartment is all carpeted and very sound proof, but I have heard OES bark and it is earth shattering! I would love to adopt an adult OES, but am afraid they will ahve behavioral problems that I wont be able to correct.

Ho would I get in contact with someone who has adult OES for rescue. I have gone on Petfinder, but I guess I am just so excited about a puppy. I know that this phase is so much work, but I have the summer off of school and really would like to do it. I am such an animal lover though and am so afraid that I would be short changing this gorgeous animal just because I "want one".

I would love to rescue an adult, but I also love the idea of having a puppy to train and raise with my sisters dog from puppihood on and go to obedience class etc.

I am really stumped here guys. I am financially able to pay for everything it entails, but I cant afford to have it bark.....has anyone heard of the citronella bark collars?

I WANT ONE SO BAD!!!!! Please help. I really cant make this decision alone.

My parents are upset about ti because I am not married and have no one to help me...its like I'm having a baby or something!

ugh...I am just so confused, but this is my dream to have one. Then I think....I should just wait 3 years until I have my own house.

Please help everyone.


I don't want to try a bark collar because that would completely deter him from barking which is not what I want. He is a great watch dog.
I would like him to stop the crazy for no reason barking when he chases one of his brothers outside at midnight or 5 am.
The debarking would not eliminate barking as Karen said.
My sister-in-law said it would lower the volume about 50%. A majority of her Mini Schnauzers have had it done.
Take Jasper with you, he'll let you know if anything's up. I'm glad my dogs bark to alert me, but sometimes.... Rolling Eyes I offer them a trip to the store for a bark collar.

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