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Tuesday, April 16, 2002, was one of the worst days of my life: After a long, debilitating struggle with hip displaysia, arthritis, and secondarily, kidney and liver disease, I let my most wonderful dog in the world, Rudy, go.

When I adopted Rudy almost five years ago, he needed someone to love and take care of him and I needed a dog to love and take care of.  I was so lucky to have Rudy, something I told him everyday, and I know we were meant to be together. He taught me so many wonderful things and led me in directions I never would have gone.

Initially and most simply, Rudy motivated me to get on the Internet so I could connect with the Lists and learn as much as I could about OES.

One of the things Rudy taught me about is love. When I first got Rudy I was coming to the end of what I had been trying to deny was a negative relationship. As a friend so aptly put it, "In came the dog, out went the man."

Not having any children, I had relatively no idea of how important my sister's or friends' children are.  Rudy showed me. He was my blessing.

And he was my "amends dog."  The last dog I had was about 25 years ago when I was young and dumb. When I would come home and that dog would jump on me I couldn't understand that all he wanted was love and affection (and that he needed some training).  With Rudy the first thing I did when I got up in the morning (Oh, how wonderful it was when I would call him and he would come in the bedroom, if he wasn't there already) and the first thing I did when I got home from work was sit on the floor with him and be with him.

Before Rudy came into my life, I worked for a couple who brought their dog to work everyday. The wife always said, "It's my pleasure to spoil my dog." For me that was not only affection and "Rudy rules", but learning as much as I could (the OES lists, 3 dog publications, the vet) and giving him the best care  I could (grooming, a healthy diet, and innumerable trips to the vet's, exercise).

I had an old camera which I never used.  Not only did I become a photography fool with Rudy, I bought a new camera. His pictures and those he inspired me to take of family and friends made my house a home.

Gentle, sweet, friendly, charming, a trooper, mellow: Rudy was as beautiful on the inside as he was on the outside.

Gentle and sweet: Rudy was not around many young children, but when he was he was always careful.

One day, one of my friends brought over her baby and we were in the living room.  Rudy was nearby in the dinging room.  But when he heard me talking to the baby, my "baby" thought I was talking to him and got up to come see what was going on.

Friendly: Rudy was Will Rogers in fur - he nver met a man (woman or child) he didn't like.  And while my heart crumpled when we encountered those too foolish not to appreciate his friendliness, he was undeterred and just went on to the next person.

Charming: Most people were taken by him, though. Rudy loved to "shop" and I took him to as many "dog friendly" stores as I could.  One day after we left the groomer's, Rudy "insisted" on going into the nearby lighting store. (A storm was brewing and I'm sure he wanted to be inside.)  One of the women was so impressed by Rudy that she asked if she could take his picture which I agreed to. Since we were there, I decided to buy 2 indoor floodlights that I needed.  However, because Rudy was such a hit, they gave me the lightbulbs and would not let me pay.

Another time I took him to the Three Dog Bakery in Phoenix and he charmed his way back into the kitchen area and special samples of biscotti.

A trooper: He was always willing to go or do just about anything. Butespecially, he was so good about going to the vet's and enduring whatever proceedures were done. His attitude always inspired me.

A couple of years ago the regular vet wanted Rudy to see a specialist for a sonogram.  I was worried and Rudy must have known. On our way, when we stopped at a light, Rudy nudged my arm from the back seat.  When I turned to him, he gave me a kiss.

Mellow: He was the most laid back, easy going dog. Rudy seldom barked and yet I can't believe how eerily quiet and still my house is now without him.

Rudy really was my most wonderful dog. There will be another wonderful dog.
There will never be another Rudy.



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