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On February 7th, 2003, we lost our best
friend, at the age of 13.

Sir Jacob Harley came to us at 3 years old from
 New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue (NEOESR) in 1992

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You are hearing
"Everything Reminds me of my Dog"
by Jane Siberry

You can read the lyrics here.

After many requests, and in fairness to Jane Siberry, I have decided to put a link on here to where you can buy her album (At Amazon.com).

Picture of Jake at 1997 NEOESR Annual Picnic

Jake in June, 1997
at the annual NEOESR Picnic

Picture of Jake in Alabama, 2001

This is how Jake usually looked, in a puppy cut. Here he is lying on the carpet in my Aunt and Uncle's living room in Alabama.

This is the way Jake looked about 5 months after we were privileged to become owned by him.

Same day, different 'do.

Did someone say
"Go for a ride"???


"King Jake" inspired us to become RVers -- so he could rule the road, too. Over the years, he joined us in visiting 24 states, Washington DC, and 2 provinces in Canada.  He "owned" many many rest-stops along the way.

He was quite talented, too. Not only could he howl the "Happy Birthday" song (Really!), but he could, very carefully (usually) unwrap a present.

Do you think there are cookies inside this one? (Just look at his tongue if you're unsure!)

On the (lonely) road towards the Grand Canyon. Alas, the spirit was willing, but the flesh and his hips were weak. We had to make a very hard choice.

Just 3 hours later, but now at 7,000 feet of elevation overlooking the Grand Canyon. Jake had to be carried here at times.  But he did manage to amble around a bit, and he did make his mark (several times) on the canyon!

Goodbye, dear friend.  Save us a spot


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