Happy Birthday Forum, Feliz Quinceañera!

:cheer: :cheer: :banana: :bdcake2: :bdcake: 15 Years and it has been a hoot! :bdcake: :bdcake2: :banana: :cheer: :cheer:
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Happy quince!
:banana: :banana: :excited: :excited: FIFTEEN YEARS :excited: :excited: :banana: :banana:

Congratulations!!! Hoping the forum is around for another fifteen years!!!
Shelbydoodle wrote:
Happy quince!

Oakley's Mom wrote:
:banana: :banana: :excited: :excited: FIFTEEN YEARS :excited: :excited: :banana: :banana:

Congratulations!!! Hoping the forum is around for another fifteen years!!!

It was great you folks stopped by to celebrate and I appreciate it very much. :ghug:
Hello Everyone and Happy Birthday. Sorry I have been absent for so long but Geoff, Mr Cloud, Bracken and I send you all our love and wish you a very Happy Birthday and New Year :banana: :banana: :banana: :bdcake2: :bdcake2: :bdcake2: :wag: :wag:


:ghug: :ghug: :yay: :yay: :excited: :excited: :banana: :banana: :cheer: :cheer: :high5: :high5: :roses: :roses:

Here's to another 50!!!!!!!

:wag: :wag: :wag: :wag: :wag: :wag: :wag: :wag:
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!
Thank you Ron and everyone else who has made the forum so special :clappurple: :bdcake2:
Happy late birthday
Happy birthday, I've really enjoyed this forum over the years.
Wow, that long!! Amazing forum- so helpful :tea: :cheer: :wag: over the years.xx
I was just talking with Shellove in another thread and it got me to thinking...

You know, this community struggled for years until one poster came along and energized it and drew people in, I know I've never been that guy, I'm the geek in the kitchen. But I don't have the ability to compete with fb to create a full blown community out of such a narrow niche of sheepdog lovers.

I mean we've had 5,000 real members over the years but people's lives change, pups pass on, email addresses get changed (PLEASE KEEP YOUR OES.ORG PROFILE UPDATED WITH YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS).

Maybe still all it takes is one vibrant lovable happy committed poster (or 3) to get things going again. Or maybe not.
Things have been a bit more lively lately, I find, so don't lose hope!
It was great around the holidays, but then it dropped off again. :(
I have written a note to remind me to "come online" as often as laptop goes on- I am still going through the "not read posts", am in the 2013's- do find some interesting things that happened that I had forgotten about. The brushing, training, etc should be interesting for any new pup parents. xx
Felicidades Forum :bdcake2: :bdcake2: :bdcake2: :wag: :wag: :wag:
:bdcake2: Happy Birthday to the Forum. I came back in here today to poke around and see if I saw any familiar names., and see what's new. Sorry it has lost some of the activity, it is a great resource to all sheepdog owners. Remy and I wish you continued success with the new members Ron. I miss a lot of the old posters, and sadly I see some have lost their pups. Remy is still doing well, hard to believe she is also turning 15 in a couple months, aside from typical aging the vet said she is doing amazing for her age. Born June 14, 2002 :) :bdcake:
Hi Bev!

Yeah it has been slow. Who knows what the future will bring.
I'm so so happy Remy is still doing well at 15!!!
I thought for sure our Mulligan was going to be 15, he was so healthy right up until he got the adrenal gland tumor and we had to put him down right away, poor guy, at 12 and 9 months. I was looking forward to having a sweet old man, so ENJOY YOUR SWEET OLD GAL and give her and EXTRA rub for me! :hearts:
Will do. :)

Sorry you lost Mulligan, that is still so young. :cry:
I wonder if any of us still have our original sheepie? I know I don't, none of mine have lasted 15 years :cry:
That's a sad thought.
:tea: :wag: Ours have made it to 12 before their back legs get wobbly, then it has been various reasons why they passed away, one didn't recover from an op that we hadn't wanted(harmless lump removed, was in tot be looked after over a weekend- like a kennals),Second got cancer, third lost use of back legs just overnight, took to vet to see what had happened and was a heart attack/stroke. He sat leaning against me in the waiting room, gave a big sigh, put head on my lap, shut eyes and that was that- no help needed from vet, was all a shock as had been "fine" the day before!!xx
Love them all tooooooo much.xxxxx

:tea: :wag:
I suspect there will be a grouping of passings within the next year or two.
Seems like several forum members got pups around the same time.
yes..It is very sad that a lot (some,most) of the wonderful sheepies that brought us together on this site are now at Rainbow Bridge.... :(

WE as forum friends, as a support group..as kindred spirits... must make a promise to each other and this amazing forum....


Valerie Anania.....Willow....Wynn

We owe it to each other, don't we??? To keep this site up and united???? Well..I would be very sad not to have this haven to escape to~~~I need you all, and you, individually, need all of us~~~~

HUGS..... :ghug: LOVE..... :hearts: :hearts: ....AND KISSES :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
Too true. I have learnt a lot on these boards about my fluff bums even though had them for a long while- always something to learn, share, advise or just to rant or commiserate. xx
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