Paws up North

Does anyone have experience or knowledge of Paws up North?
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Have not heard much about this kennel around the midwest. Disappointing that they don't have an "about us" section on their site. But you do find out that they do not want their dogs bred. On the pricing section, they list your puppy will come with Limited AKC Registration, meaning the pup will be registered but you can not breed.

If you are interested in them, I would contact another kennel/breeder up in that area for mopre info (sorry I have no contact information, but the only other breeder up in Northern MI I can think of off the top of my head is Shaggy Lamb).
Baley is a "Paws Up North" oes. We found them to be very reputable, caring breeders. Baley is a fine oes great temprament and sound quality.
I bought our girl Daisy from Paws Up North 6 years ago.

They gave us as much info. as they knew at the time.

I think they were just getting into breeding.
They only owned Bell and Cubby at the time.
They didn't have either dog well groomed.
In fact the father was in matts and mom was shaved horribly.

They charged us $450 for her and we had the pick of the litter.
Now they know what they can get for them and their price is up there.

Healt wise, Daisy is full of personality and definitly has
moods. She has a incredible volcabulary range of understanding
and gives kisses freely to children. She's also a great gurad dog but wouldn't hurt a flea.

So if she's got good genes I'm sure the rest of the batches must have them too.

As for the breeders themselves I don't know if they've come into it as a hobby of love or just in it for the dough.
Maybe both.

The way I look at it is I love my 98 pounds of fuzz
and wouldn't trade her for a thing.

Good luck! :D
I would ask them if they certify their dogs for eyes and hips (I only saw pictures and no info about them). If they are asking $1,000 for each puppy they at least need to give you that. Because if something goes wrong you'll end up having to pay for hips or might have a blind sheepie.

I also don't like that guarentee that says they will give you a new puppy ONLY if you return your dog to them - they know you won't so that's why they say that. At least they give back half the price - but compared to the money you will be spending on vet bills if something goes wrong - well...

I checked the OESCA member roster and did not see either name. I checked the website and saw nothing about OFA, CERF, DNA... Very important to have this info. Here's statement from the OESCA website regarding buying a puppy and what to be aware of:

"It is wise for the buyer to become knowledgeable about those hereditary defects common to this breed. The buyer should question the breeder and make judgments as to the breeder's feeling of responsibility regarding any testing which has been done on his breeding stock. Most canine registries provide written evidence of any testing done and the results, and it is within the buyer's rights to request copies of that material. In other words, don't settle for "the Vet says our dogs are fine--we've never had any problem with that."! For instance, as a future owner of an OES or any other large breed of dog, you should know about Canine Hip Dysplasia. This disease is seldom crippling, but can be diagnosed by pelvic radiograph taken at two years of age, and the dog should not be bred if this xray does not receive Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or Veterinary Radiologist Certification. Request certification ID #'s. Plus, even though both parents are certified clear of HD, no one can assure you your dog will not develop HD."

You can read the rest here: http://www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamer ... nglish.htm

If you would like to have a puppy from a member of the OESCA (Old English Sheepdog Club of America), please contact me. My e-mail is: I am the Breeder Referral for the club.

Tarja Peters
We have two OES' s from Paws up North. They are wonderful dogs. I have 4 children and both of them are great with the kids. Lucy is 1 1/2 years old and Toby will be 1 in February. Paws up North were very helpful with picking our OES's. They answered all my questions I had before we purchased them. They always got back to me in a timely manner. We have not had any trouble with our dogs. They are a wonderful addition to our family...
    hello ;

    We got a sweet litle girl oes from paws up north .
    Its been 5 yrs. now.
    what a time it has been for the both of us.
    Here name is Sammie " the little blue dirt devil "
    She got this buy digging up flowers as fast as we planted them .
    Paws up north treated us very well, ansewed all ? ask .
    And yes I would get another puppy from them with no problems.

    Lake george, MI
    We got our Maggie from Paws Up North in 2004 - she will be 11 in December. I can't say enough good things about her - she is everything a Sheepdog should be. Paws Up North is a family run breeder who do a wonderful job caring for their dogs. I'll be picking up my second OES from them in early October!
    Do NOT purchase a puppy from these people! They are theives and scammers! I put a deposit to "hold my place in line" and then poof...nothing. They never sent me updates on the parents, when I would email they always said "we will let you know." Eventually the due date came and went and we never heard back so I demanded a refund. They gave me the runaround and pretended to refund my money but never did. Almost one year later and I am STILL trying to get my money back. Buyer beware!!!!
    I bought my OES from paws up north in 2007. I had to have her put down when she was 7 years old. While I absolutely loved her she simply did not have a good temperament. She was diagnosed with arthritis and hip dysplasia when she was around 5. That's just way too young. Her back legs were very spindly and shaky. I personally think that's why she was 'cranky' because she was in constant pain. When anyone came over with young kids she would have to be locked away because she wouldn't hesitate to bite and when I walked her I had to have something on her muzzle so she wouldn't snap at little kids. Who doesn't want to pet an old english? I used to breed old english myself years ago and I had never been around one with that temperament. For what they charged me ($1200) with a limited registration I wouldn't ever suggest to anyone to purchase a dog from them. Yes things can happen and yes I'm sure some very good dogs came from there. I just think they might be breeding the females a little too much.
    This breeder is completely unprofessional. I would never recommend this breeder to anyone. After they received my deposit I did not receive a single message, update or as much as a update on their website as promised. After reading other reviews it is clear that this breeder should not be allowed to breed and is incapable of running a quality business. Do not trust or waste your time with this place.
    I would not even trust the positive feedback from this thread based on the fact that they could simply write their own reviews.
    i bought my boy from a couple that purchased him form paws up north. I have never been able to get a hold of them to ask questions but I have had pretty good luck with Winston thus far, I believe he is about 2 years old. I would like to buy a female OES in the next couple of years and where do people recommend I go. It looks like Paws up north is out of business.

    We bought our OES from them in 2006. He Had to have surgery at a year to remove a softball size tumor from the top of his back/spine. He is just over 11 years old and has developed many more tumors. He can be a loving boy, but has moods and has bitten a few in the immediate family. I have always trained my own dogs successfully. After failed attempts at obedience classes, we hired a personal trainer with 18 years experience. After spending 30 minutes with him, her strong recommendation was a shock collar. I would absolutely NOT recommend this breeder! From reading other people's posts of their experience with this breeder, there is definitely something not right mentally with their pups. I have seen a few posts of the puppies turned over to rescues, and a couple that have had to put their dogs down due to bad temperament. Ours has pushed the boundaries too many times, but I just can't bring myself to destroy him.
    I hope they are no longer breeding. I personally know 2 dogs coming from them in the last 4 years with aggression issues. The follow up was very poor
    and neither has been resolved with any sucess.

    We just received the news from our vet that our first OES, who is only 3 years and 10 months old, and whom we paid $1,200 for from Paws Up North, has moderate hip dysplasia and arthritis. She is the most wonderful dog ever, and now we are just heartbroken that she has to live with this disease because these breeders keep breeding dogs that are not checked or certified as not having this hip disease. They were never responsive after we paid our money for her, and I spent a week trying to get hold of them to find out when she was being shipped via airline. It was a nightmare experience for us. And now this...hip dysplasia in such a beautiful, young dog. And she is so good, and so sweet. I hate that she has to suffer because of uncaring breeders. Please, if you do not want to go through this heartbreak with your puppy, do not purchase a dog from this breeder!
    We have an OES, Charlie, from Paws Up North purchased in 2012. My daughter in law has one, Wrigley, purchased in 2006. Both are wonderful animals with great personalities. Wrigley being 12 years of age is experiencing some hip problems but I can’t say any dog of 125 pounds wouldn’t have the same issues at this age.
    Wish I'd seen this thread before we sent a $300 deposit. Angie Holmes was very friendly and provided lots of background in email and phone when I spoke to her. But the birth date came and went and she would not reply to email/text/phone. Eventually I disputed the deposit with my credit card and got my $ back. Maybe there were puppy issues but the fact that I couldn't get any response from her for weeks makes me highly suspect Paws Up North is just collecting $ with no intention of providing pups.
    linuxgod wrote:
    Wish I'd seen this thread before we sent a $300 deposit. Angie Holmes was very friendly and provided lots of background in email and phone when I spoke to her. But the birth date came and went and she would not reply to email/text/phone. Eventually I disputed the deposit with my credit card and got my $ back. Maybe there were puppy issues but the fact that I couldn't get any response from her for weeks makes me highly suspect Paws Up North is just collecting $ with no intention of providing pups.

    Linuxgod, any follow up with this?
    DO NOT give Paws Up North a deposit!!!! We inquired and received timely responses regarding puppies UP UNTIL we put down a $300 deposit. After the email to confirm payment, we received nothing. No updates on the birthdate of the litter, no contact to select our puppy at 6 weeks (as outlined on their site), no puppy at the end of January as promised. NO CONTACT or RESPONSE to our attempts to contact after they had our $$$$. DO NOT USE THIS BREEDER!!! Attempting to get our money back through credit card company. Terrible business process.
    Hey there, just wanted to share my story of being scammed by paws up north. I checked this feed when it was too late to do anything about their tricks. Angie took my money for the despoit then never contacted me again. I emailed her and she responded once offering to put me on the list for spring as the winter puppies “were all sold”. I told her I wanted my money back and never heard from her again. I’ve emailed her about ten more times and called her and she has ignored me. I have found other places online of similar stories with paws up north. I hope no one works with them again.
    My contact has been very limited. Very little but really disappointed. We went onto a waiting list for a female which had not been born yet and would not be available until September or October. We were 4th on the waiting list, but PawsUpNorth had to HAVE the deposit to secure a position. This was only a month ago. Immediately paid my $300 deposit to secure the position on the waiting list. Approximately 3 weeks after the deposit was paid, I was told of a diagnosis of upper left lobe lung cancer so I immediately wrote and cancelled our waiting list position. Being that they were right around mating time, I thought even though the deposit said "non-fundable" that the breeders would have some compassion for what I was about to go through and the fact that I did not think it would be fair to a dog or that I would be able to handle a new dog (not even born yet) with chem and radiation, that perhaps the owners under the circumstance would refund the deposit or at least a portion of it, BUT NO, NOTHING. NO CONSIDERATION OR ANYTHING. It is not like they have been inconvenienced by this. Dogs were even pregnant when I sent my deposit via the internet through WAVE. Shame on this breeders for making money this way.
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